Bath For Cats: Is It Really Important?


General grooming is a very important part of good skin and coat health for your cat. However, how easily is this done and how frequent actually depends in the cat itself. Bath for cats –is this really necessary? In a word, it is actually not a good thing to do. Well, after all, grooming themselves is something that they do so well. Further, they must, considering the time they spend at it. With their own barbed tongues, they usually are a bit capable of keeping themselves clean. This is without any help from humans.

Nonetheless, regardless of the opinion of your cat, there are various circumstances, which make shampoo and water important. For instance, you find out external parasites, smelly stuff, or stubborn dirt in the cat’s fur, nothing short of a bath might carefully get it clean.

Bath for Cats: Why do most of the domestic cats hate water?

Some may think that any creature that may so exquisitely emulate the water flow wouldn’t harbor a long-lasting fear and hatred of it. Well, actually the fact is, most of the domestic cats do not really enjoy getting wet. Furthermore, some will even lift their own noses and the mere thought of walking over a damp floor. But why do domestic cats hate water?

Actually, in the wild, there are so many species of big cats, which actually enjoy being in the water. In addition, this is most likely because the usual habitat they have is in a hot environment. Further, it helps in keeping them cool. In the actually fact, tigers can swim deep in the water and they are capable of catching fish by doing this.

Moreover, cats might have evolved to abhorrence water as most of the breeds have coats, which absorb, instead of deflecting the moisture. It is way harder to get dry after they are soaked.

Why do cats need baths?

There are some people who say that cats do not need baths as they are capable of grooming themselves. This is one of the most common myths regarding all cats. Well, in the actual fact, even though cats are capable of grooming themselves, bath for cats are still necessary. Moreover, cat grooming is a subtle subject because cats are disreputably anxious around waters.

Furthermore, we would like to think that if our cats do not like a particular thing, it means that we do not need to make them to do it. However, when it comes to the cat grooming, baths are a necessary part of the whole equation. When do cats need bath? What do you need o know before bathing your cat? Read on!

When do cats need bath?

Bath for cats is necessary when:

There are things stuck on their paws or rear.                                  

You know it is the time for bath when something is stuck on the paws of your cat. This happens often when they go outside for play. Of course, no one sees this as a sanitary one, nor a pretty sight, isn’t it?

They have fur problems.

If you happen to notice a matted fur, which looks like a small miniature dreadlocks on the cat’s coat, you might be tempted to just cut them all out. However, this is just a temporary solution. Further, it does nothing to reduce the likelihood of the mats reforming. A clean and healthy coat is the best way in preventing against a matted fur. Moreover, it also helps in preventing hairballs as well.

They are old or overweight.

It is so true that cats can groom themselves in a natural way. However, saliva is not a soap, and it is important to groom cats periodically. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances wherein cats need more regular help in grooming. Further, the fur of cats often gets quite greasier when the get old. This is actually a natural process, yet it means that the older cats need baths too. In addition, cats that are overweight also are not capable of reaching every part of the body when they groom themselves. This just means that they need bath for cats in order to ensure various parts of the body are getting groomed.

Things you need to know before bathing your cat

Here are some of the important things to bear in mind before you bath your cat:

Avoid submerging its head.

In most of the cases, bathing only the cat’s body will already be enough. Cats may become so afraid when their heads are being submerged in water. Therefore, it is the best thing to avoid it. When you feel like there is a need to wash its face, avoid submerging it. Instead, just use a damp cloth in doing it.

Shampoo matters.

The use of chemical-free, all-natural pet shampoo is good for cat’s skin. It helps the skin to not get irritated during or even after the bath. Bear in mind, that from time to time, cats lick their fur. Therefore, rinse the cat’s body thoroughly. However, in case any residue gets left behind, you would not want your cat to lick up the chemicals.

Put everything you need within your reach.

Though some cats love baths, most don’t. In order to make sure that the process is done as fast and as painless as you can. Ensure that everything that you need for the bath is within the reach before you start. This will actually make sure that it is quick and simple.

Have a helper.

Your cat might be afraid or jumpy in the bath. It may be a great idea to have one helper to hold the cat. Ideally, make certain that your helper is known by your cat.


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