8 personality traits of cat lovers


Do people who love cats have similar personality traits?

We all know someone crazy about cats… that is if you’re not that person yourself! Someone who always has 2 or 3 cats on the go, who spends ungodly amounts of money on them, and who can happily talk for 15 minutes (without taking a breath) on the cute thing their puss did yesterday.

But, do people who love cats this much have other things in common as well? We all know there is that stereotypical ‘cat lady personality’, but is it true? Let’s find out!

Cat Person Personality

A survey was conducted by Samuel Gosling of the University of Texas, Austin which concluded that cat lovers are much different from dog lovers.

Those who love dogs tend to be extroverts – they are more lively and adventurous. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss… here are 8 cat person personality traits!

cat person personalityIntroverted and sensitive

Those who love cats and feel a close kinship to them, tend to be more emotional, sensitive, and introverted.

However, they are also open-minded and like doing things their way. Therefore, we can say crazy cat lovers are non-conformists!

Also, keep in mind that those with cats don’t have to get out for an hour everyday walking their doggo. Cat people can stay snug and warm inside!

people who love cats have this in commonCat lovers are affectionate

It takes an affectionate person to be crazy about cats – unless they’re into grumpy pussys!

Cats are harder to win over than dogs, and more time needs to be put in before a cat will trust a person.

A cat lover will show a lot of affection to both their pets and other people around them. They also like to receive affection from cats and close friends and family.

Independent and cautious

It has been seen that people often chose pets according to their personalities.

Cats are cautious and independent creatures, while dogs are more rambunctious and daring. So, people who have a cat-like personality – independent, self-reliant, and sensible – are often cat lovers.


This is another common personality trait of cat people.

As we’ve already stated, cats are independent creatures, and so you’ve got to have an open mind to what they get up to. They will generally do what they want, without asking first. A cat owner has to be open-minded, and let their puss be!

Sometimes anxiouscat lovers personality

Cat people are often easily stressed, especially when compared to dog lovers.

Cat lovers are more sensitive compared with those who love dogs and tend to be more anxious.


Cat people are complex… though really, who isn’t!

However, dog people tend to be straightforward thinking, quick at making decisions, and consistent. Pussy people take more time and like to weigh up all the options!

Intelligentcat people personality

Some would say that cat people are more intelligent than other pet lovers.

They like peace, quiet… and a good book!

A person needs to have a certain amount of intelligence to gain the trust of a cat and keep it. It can also require patience and hard work.

Cat lovers are smarter

what is a cat person

A study claims that the lovers of cats are smarter than dog admirers.

Cat owners scored slightly higher in an intelligence test compared with dog owners.

While the study was small, the results are none-the-less significant and allow us Meow Lovers to gloat that we’re smarter!

People who love cats

So while these commonalities are there among cat-lovers, it doesn’t mean every cat person is there same, and there are always exceptions. Of course, some just love cats and dogs equally!

Are you someone who just can’t get enough of cats? Do you recognize all or some of these cat person characteristics in yourself?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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