8 personality traits of cat lovers


Do you wish to spend more time with cats or feline creatures? Do you love to explore new things? This implies you are a cat lover. A survey was conducted by Samuel Gosling of the University of Texas, Austin which found out that the cat lovers are much different from the dog lovers. Different personality traits are depicted by cat lovers. Those who love dogs, they are more extroverts, lively and adventurous. Check out the 8 personality traits shown by cat lovers.

Introvert and sensitive

Those who love cats and follow the behaviour closely, they are more emotional, sensitive and introvert. They are however open-minded and do not follow the norms of others. Hence, we can say those cat lovers are non-conformists. The cat person will not like to merge easily and talk to people or bring out their pets in open. Such a cat lover will like to settle at home and read a book.

Cat lovers expect affection from their cats

If any person shows signs that he/she expects something from other persons, it implies that he is a cat lover. When the dog lover enjoys the companionship of the dog, the cat lover expects affection from his cat or kitty. For a dog owner, the simple companionship of the dog is enough and this is not the case with a cat lover.

The sense of independence and caution

It is seen in the past that individuals chose pets according to their personality. Cats are cautious and independent creatures while dogs are not. So, an individual who is more independent is said to be a cat lover and will move onto choosing a cat.

Open mindedness

This is also one of the personality traits of the cat lover. Cat people are more open to enjoying new experiences. Cat lovers are more artistic, creative, nontraditional thinkers and also have creativity. They wish to explore new things from time to time.

 Have you stressed out always? You are a cat lover!

This is the most prominent personality trait showed by a cat lover. Those who are stressed out easily, they are cat persons. When compared to the dog lovers, cat lovers are far more neurotic than those who love dogs. Hence, cat lovers are more anxious and get stressed out easily. They get worried very easily.

Autonomous and open

Cat people are much more open-minded and autonomous. They want to enjoy more freedom and do not wish to get dominated. Thus, they never walk with their cats and show the trait of a dog lover.

Intellectual and cultural

A cat in the family suggests that the owner will be autonomous. Most of the cat lovers are intellectuals and work as professors. In fact, their work as intellectual satisfies their intellectual pursuit. The cat lovers are admirers of art and artistic works. They are also cultured, sophisticated and well-behaved.

Cat lovers are smarter although emotional 

Hugging kitty
Guy hugging a beautiful cat

A study claims that the lovers of cats are smarter than dog admirers. Cat owners scored higher in the intelligence test than the dog owners.

There is always a debate whether feline or canine makes up best companion. Cat lovers show altogether different personality traits than dog lovers.


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