Good news: cat lovers are intelligent than the dog lovers


If you follow the research in pet lovers, then you will find that cat lovers have been declared as the wisest beings than those fellows who love dogs. There are many legitimate explanations that support this fact and you should know about them in details. Those, who are looking for affection rather than companionship, usually go for adopting cats as pets.

cat lovers are intelligent than the dog loversWhy cat lovers are smarter than dog lovers?

•    Cat lovers are fully open-minded and they are very much sensitive in comparison to dog-lovers.

•    Greater affection or emotional bonding can be created in between the cat lovers and the feline pets.

•    Cats have got much more improved personality than dogs and the most interesting part is that they remain emotionally attached to human beings.

•    Cats can be easily controlled than dogs. They listen to the owners’ instructions and understand them well and always lead a very much disciplined and systematic life. They follow the rules on a sincere note and thus most people love to have cats as pets.

•    Cats are much more lovable than dogs and they can easily come closer to the hearts of human beings. Thus, they can be now treated as one of the best companions for cat lovers. Playing with cats can be the best pass-time job for most all cat lovers on this earth.

•    The cat lovers will never face any trouble in feeding their feline pets and thus they always remain absolutely tension-free.

•    Moreover, the cats do not need that much training as they are already quite tried and this is the reason the interaction between the cats and their masters are always very much smooth.

•    If you are completely alone, then your solitude can be well supported by cats. You would just love to share your emotions and feelings with your pet cats when nobody is near you.

•    You can easily dominate over the cats and they are really very obedient in nature.

•    They are also not that very aggressive than dogs rather quite timid and cool minded and this is the reason you can easily control them without facing any trouble.

cat lovers are intelligent than the dog lovers

•    Healthy and long-term friendship can be easily maintained with cats and thus the cat lovers will never feel alone.

•    Cats are much more hygienic than dogs and on the other hand they need not require higher maintenance rather they can take good care of themselves.

•    Even if you are not present, then also the cats will take their foods and sleep on time but the dogs will not.

•    Cats are much more expressive than dogs and this is the reason they can easily express their feelings to the owners. The researchers say that dogs face a greater difficulty in expressing their feelings especially at the time of hunger.

•    You can now save a great maintenance cost on cats but you got to bear a huge expense for maintaining pet dogs. This is one of the main reasons for choosing cats as pets.


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