Cat Body Language Guide

cat body language chart

What can we learn from cat body language?

As with people, a cat’s body language can tell us so much about how the cat is feeling. They even have an extra ‘tell’ in their tail. Even if you can’t see the body of a cat, sometimes the tail is a dead give-away!

There are a ton of great infographics, pictures, illustrations, and other diagrams that can help us to identify what a cat’s posture is telling us. We’ve rounded them up for you to take a look at here!

Cat Postures Guide

Here are all the best cat body language charts that we’ve found.

We’ve linked to the original source of each image, so click through to find out more!

Cat Tail Language

We can learn so much by looking at a cat’s tail, so we’ll start with that first.

Here are all the different cat tail meanings!

what does a cats tail mean

We found this helpful diagram of cat tail meanings over on Musely.

When you look at each of these illustrations, can’t you just imagine your puss speaking to you through their tail!?

This next guide to what a cat’s tail is telling you is from Taste Of The Wild cat food!

It has a few more cat tail mannerisms than the previous image, and even has the rare ‘cat tail vibrating’ posture!

Now that we’ve got tails covered, let’s consider and learn to interpret the language of the entire cat body!

Cat Ears Meanings

what do a cats ears and tail mean

From Tuff & Paw’s helpful cat behavior and body language guide, comes this illustration of what cat’s ears and eyes mean!

The meanings of the ears are similar to dogs as well, aren’t they!?

Cat Body Language Meanings

cat tail vibrating

From Lili Chin at Doggie Drawings this cute illustration has really covered the whole lot, hasn’t it!?

cat body language ears

Here is another great guide to how a cat is feeling from Pretty Litter. Love the ‘let’s play, good to see you’ pose on display!

the meaning of different cat postures

From Safer Cats, here is another fantastic diagram that will tell you what your cat wants by its body language!

My cat is an expert at theĀ  ‘What’s happening here? All good?’ body posture!

guide to cats mood

And for those who just don’t know what their cat is saying to them and have given up trying, you will appreciate this infographic of cat moods from Kitten Toob!

Your cat is a master of mood disguise, and goodness knows what she is plotting to do when you fall asleep!

Feline Body Language

So there you have it – everything you need to know about feline body language!

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