Why Su Pallosu beach of Sardinia is ideal vacation for cat lovers?


So, looking for sandy beaches, sea, sun and kitties? Su Pallosu beach in Sardinia, featuring sandy beaches, unspoiled rocks, flamingos all around, aquamarine water and seagulls, is an ideal destination for cat lovers. This beach, Su Pallosu, is totally undisturbed as you do not find hotels, shops and too many tourists. Besides the two-legged inhabitants, the beach of Mediterranean Italian, Sardinia, has the entire colony of tamed cats that roam the dunes, bask under the sun, play with the water waves and mingle with the cat lovers.

Why Su Pallosu beach of Sardinia is ideal vacation for cat loversThe Su Pallosu featuring a huge cat sanctuary

At Su Pallosu, you find a cat sanctuary that takes its name as I Gatti di Su Pallosu from the fishing hamlet located nearby. This sanctuary harbors 60 felines of various ages and breeds. It is said that the sanctuary is new but local lore felines have been roaming all through the sand for more than a century by now. Local fishermen brought the creatures here to stop the rodent infestations in the barracks. In fact, the barracks got demolished but the cats stayed here still, breeding and bringing up their young ones. Even the neighboring locals do not leave any stones unturned in looking after the beautiful furry creatures. The locals feed them, play with them and cure the cat diseases with proper care and medical help. The popularity of Su Pallosu is growing day by day and a lot many cat lovers flock the area to catch a glimpse of various species of cats.

Su Pallosu acquiring the certificate of excellence

Su Pallosu was already an attractive zone for cat lovers but it rose in popularity when TripAdvisor gave it Certificate of Excellence. You will find that various travel sites recommend this beach. It was Andrea Atzori and his wife who founded the sanctuary in Su Pallosu and claimed it as the unique combination of sun, sand and cats that are the secret recipe behind the popularity of the place. There is also an association dealing with the private denotation, cat sales to the tourists. The association is responsible for feeding the cats, controlling population, maintaining sanitary conditions and arranging for medical care and sterilization. It looks after the medical needs of the cat well.

Why Su Pallosu beach of Sardinia is ideal vacation for cat lovers

Wide variety of cats

Su Pallosu has total 61 cats among which 40 are totally free and 21 receive care and attention in the enclosed shelter. All the cats are very well looked after by the pet experts. You can take up guided tours and visit the feline colony beach. Booking must be done in advance if you also want to enjoy other places nearby. Visit the turtle beach, geology museum and the very famous Gianni Arzori Mineral Collection. You can email the concerned team to book the tour package.

If you are inclined to spot incredible colony of cats, check out Su Pallosu beach in Sardinia. It is a real heaven for cats and cat lovers. Hence, the central western region of Sardinia cannot be missed out.


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