Ways On How To Give A Cat A Bath –And Survive?


One may think that any creature, which may emulate the water flow beautifully wouldn’t harbor such a venerable fear and hatred of it. Actually, the fact is, most of the domestic cats font enjoy getting into water and get wet. Further, some even lift their own noses even at the thought of just walking on a damp floor. However, if you are going to think of it, your cat having a pleasant look and smell is so important too. In this article, we are going to review how to give a cat a bath –and how can you survive it. Read on to learn more!

Why do some cats hate water?

Before we go and review how to give a cat a bath, let us first know why are some domestic cats hate water.

Mainly, in the wild, there are so many species of big cats, which actually love being in the water. Jaguars and tigers like to soak in the water, most probably because their common habitat is in a ho0t surrounding and it helps in keeping them cool all the time. Further, tigers are actually capable of swimming in the deep water and they’ve been observed to have the capacity to catch fish.

Moreover, the domestic cats might have evolved to hate water, due to the fact that most of the breeds have coats, which absorb, instead of deflecting moisture. It is much harder for them to get dry after they get soaked in water.

Do cats need bath?

If you are wondering how to give a cat a bath, you may also ask yourself or someone you know if do cats really need bath. Well, actually, in most of the cases, a cat might not need to be washed with water. The cats can naturally groom themselves. Therefore, regular brushing is commonly enough to keep your cat look comfortable and clean.

Nevertheless, there are some instances when giving your cat a baths is important. They might have soiled themselves in their litter box. Further, cats have also been known to try and climb in  chimneys and roofs. Moreover, sometimes cat might also need to take a bath with fungicidal medications or flea.

What do you need in giving a cat a bath?

The best of all the answers for how to give a cat a bath is that you make it efficient and quick. Make sure that you have all the important tools and supplies at hand before you even begin to bath your cat.

Here are some of the most common supplies you need to bath your cat:

  • A clean, small towel to clean its face
  • Cotton swabs or balls to clean its ears
  • A large decanter for rinsing or a gentle spray nozzle
  • Cat shampoo
  • Rubber gloves for your safety from scratch

Moreover, it is the best if you have the time to buy a shampoo, which is specially formulated for cats. If it is your first time to buy such, you can try Virbac. This is a good brand, which a lot of vets recommend. Furthermore, it also comes in antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and medicated varieties. If you do not have any cat shampoos, a mild baby shampoo might be essential too. You do not want to use some other kinds of human cleaning products. This may sting the cat’s eyes or its skin.

Steps on How to Give a Cat a Bath

It is so much easier to wash the cat in a bathroom or kitchen sink, rather than bending over a bathtub. Keep on reading to know the steps on how to give a cat a bath:

  • Fill your sink with approximately 2-3 inches of tepid water.
  • Wet your cat from its shoulder, up to its tail, and apply shampoo.
  • Just like how you do to your hair, lather and rinse the hair thoroughly.
  • Due to the fact that most of the cats hate having water on their face, use damp cloth to gently clean the head of the cat.
  • Use cotton swabs or balls to clean inside the ears of the cat. You should never put any kind of object in the cat’s ear.
  • After rinsing thoroughly, lift the cat onto a large towel and wrap it all over your cat.
  • Scrub as much water from the fur as possible.
  • Longhaired cats might need to use a blow dryer, yet only when the noise doesn’t frighten them. You can set it low and see if the cat can tolerate or not.

What can you do to bathe your cat?

Are you still puzzled on how to give a cat a bath? If you can’t even think of washing your cat and want to make certain they hold someone else to blame for this experience, you may choose to get your cat to a pet groomer or clinic. Cat grooming is the best option for you. This will include services like trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, blow drying, and shampooing. Here, you can assure that your cat is safe, as long as you trust the clinic or store.


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