Tools For Cat Grooming: What Will You Really Need?


Cat grooming is important for the overall health and well-being of a cat. Even though the cat wants to groom its own coat, you still need to groom itself. Grooming may include the removal of dirt, a relaxing massage, and nail clipping. A well groomed cat may yield a fur-free home, as well as a contented pet. In order to achieve that, you will need the best and proper tools for cat grooming. Give this article a read and get to learn more about these tools and more.

Tools for Cat Grooming: What will you need?

In the actual fact, there are more than five cat grooming tools, yet the items that must be important to any pet owner’s home include the following:

  • Pet wipes
  • Toothbrush
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Nail clippers

Further, you may also want to consider buying a flea comb, yet most of the cat owners today rely on a monthly anti-flea control products or they permanently keep their cats indoors, so they have zero chances of encountering fleas.

Kinds of Combs and Brushes

One can attest that there are dozens and dozens of types of brushes to choose from. There are also some that are designed to groom certain types of cats, for instance, short hair versus long hair. Or to attain certain goals, like removing undercoat or dander. Further, the bristles on the brush of a cat may be soft, hard, pin, or wire type. Moreover, a slicker brush is a flat, rectangular-shaped with meagre bristles. This may be used on all kinds of cats. Note: most of the cats love it!

Cats groomed in the similar place each day with this kind of tool will get to learn to look for it and practically beg to get brushed. If the cats were dogs, they might fetch this tool and even bring it to you while you’re watching your favorite shows.

Grooming gloves and grooming pads, which fit over the hand are also existing. These are essential in providing a chance to massage the cat’s skin. Further, they are also effective in removing the dead hair from the cats which have short coats. The combs are actually effective too. The combs are either wide tooth or fine tooth. This might be essential to work slowly with the comb, as well as sprinkle some talcum powder to work the hair mats out of long-haired coat of the cats.

Nail Clippers

Cat nail clippers are so cheap and inexpensive. Further, they are also easy to use and the easiest way to ensure the cat’s natural scratching propensities do not actually result in shredded screen doors and upholstery. A scratching platform or post may not be enough to keep the pointed tips from forming on the cat’s claw. There is also a surgical procedure in removing these cat claws. However, this is not recommendable and in various locations, it is not really allowed.

Furthermore, there are so many clippers that you can choose from, but most of them fall into the decapitate safety tool container, where the nail is being inserted in a small opening and a bit of squeeze cuts the tip of it. Further, the cat claw scissors are available as well. These usually have rounded ends. This is essential in preventing any cutting accidents for the pet and the owner.

Brushing Your Cat

A lot of pet owners who tend to devotedly brush their cat’s teeth a few times every week, might not know that cats need dental care, just like us humans. Here is a great wake-up call, cats which have heavy deposits of tartar, tooth decay and perhaps gum disease may need a trip to the vet for some professional cleaning and dental procedures. This may require general painkillers, anesthesia, and antibiotics. Later, the owner will then be presented with a bill amounting to more than you expect it to cost. Further, a toothbrush and a paste will just cost you lesser than $10 and may help your cat’s dental health when used a few times every week.

Alternative Tools for Cat Grooming

Here are some other tools for cat grooming that you can use, if you have no means of having the aforementioned ones.

  • Pet sprays and pet wipes. These are moist disposable sprays and towels, which may be beneficial for an easy touch up or in place of a full bath. They are essential in reducing dander and has Aloe Vera or Vitamin E, which keeps the coat of your cat, soft and shiny.  They’re always safe and non-toxic to cats –no need to worry.
  • Peticure kind of nail trimmer. You may have known or seen these on TV. This particular product works, yet it is hard to learn how to use it properly. Remember, there are some cats that cannot tolerate the noise that an electric tool create.
  • Soft claw nail tools. Caps, which gently fir over the cat’s claws. The labor rigorous to install, most especially when the cat isn’t cooperating, yet they come in different colors.

Sometimes, you buy all the right tools for cat grooming and use them properly on your cat, but still find it heading off to work in the cat hair. If this happens, it is now the time that you invest in a much more expensive, yet reliable ones.


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