People thinks I’m Badluck think again Hooman I’m freakin awesome


Hi, fellow cat lovers I have a question? When do you see a black cat what is the first thing comes out on your mind? Are you one of those million people who believes that black cats cursed and they are unlucky? Or your one of those cat lovers who love a different kind of cat even the black one. People nowadays is still discriminating, blacks cats are not excepted, black cats is also a victim of discrimination, judgmental and catnapped by the people who do a sick prank.

Those poor lovely kitten and cat that deserved to be loved are real lovable. In this article, I want to show how lovely a black cat is, and I want to change the view of those people who believe black cat are not lovable. And for those people who love black cats, I salute you! Here’s some of the reason why you should love the black cat too:

Old superstitious belief is too old to consider

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” – Groucho Marx, see wise person will think that, but to think it will be bad luck oh come on, you didn’t own the road, so the black cat can cross your path.

Black or White

See on the positive side, the black cat is too cool, Imagine that you’re wearing your fabulous black dress then it turns out your black cat want to play at the very moment, well no worries your gown will stunning thanks to black fur it enhance your look. Both of them are winners.

Tiny Pather

I want Panther but I can’t afford it, but tiny I can’t afford right now, want to know? Well, the black cat looks like Black Panther.

Lots of famous cats are Black

You know who’s the richest cat ever? It’s Blackie of Ben Rea, wait there’s another one its Tommasino an Italian feline own by Maria Assunta. Think of it how could an unlucky black cat can be riches, yes they inherit it, and it because those black cats are loveable creatures.

Many cultures worldwide view black cats as good luck

In Japan, Great Britain, Scotland and lot of more viewed that a black cat is lucky. While in Russia all cats considered as lucky even the black one.

The black cat is not lucky but lovely. The black cats are regal too and deserve the best we can give them. Like us, they just wanted to have better treatment. Like us humans.

Black cats are lovely
Little girl showing her black cat



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