Necessary Information About Sweating In Cats That We Need To Know


Did you know that the domestic cat has descended from the cat species of the wild desert in Arabia and Africa? You read it right, the ancestors of the cats actually came from very hot places. Even on the blistering hot days, you are probable to not ever see your cat sweat at all. You might be wondering how do they keep themselves cool all the time. In this article we will discuss more about sweating in cats. If you want to learn about this and more, feel free to give this article a read.

Sweating in Cats: Do cats really sweat?                    

Although you might never see cats sweat, they are actually born with a proficient cooling system. Dissimilar to that of the humans, who are actually born with sweat glands all over their body, the sweat glands of the cats are just situated in a several hairless areas –this includes their chin, lips, paws, as well as on the skin that surrounds their anus.

In the event that the body sends a message into the brain that says the body temperature has become too high, the brain will send some signals to the glands and start sweating. In case the sweat evaporates, it will then produce a cooling effect on the skin.

Further, stress might also cause the cat to sweat. A particular cat, which is terrified in a vet clinic may often sweat via its small cat paws –this may leave wet footprints on some parts of the house. Worry less, sweating in cats is a normal phenomenon.

Tricks Cats Use in Cooling Down

Due to the fact that cats only have a limited amount of sweat glands, sweating alone isn’t sufficient in lowering the temperature of an overheated cat. Further, cats may also cool themselves via grooming –that is the reason why you might see the cat grooming itself more in the summer season.

In the event that the excessive saliva evaporates, it may cool the skin. Further, this is actually a typical behaviour, which cats use in dissipating the heat from their bodies. This is the reason why it is different than overgrooming because of stress, anxiety, pain, or skin problems. Moreover, a cat that’s overgrooming because of some health issues may have abnormally barbered and short hair, red skin, or bald areas in the area where the overgrooming takes place.

One more trick, which cats actually use to cool down is taking a siesta during the heat of the day. During the summer season, cats –specifically the outdoor ones –may disappear through the day, as well as increase their own activities at night.

Moreover, the same as their wild ancestors and some other wild fields, the domestic cats may find a cool, nice, hidden place to rest, as well as to spread out in their body over a cool exterior to disperse the heart. Once the sun has already gone down, they may then resume their behaviour of being of nocturnal hunting.

Panting in Cats: What about it, is it normal for them?

Now, we already know sweating cats is normal, the next thing we will know, is if panting in them is normal as well. In the actual fact, panting in cats is just as normal as it is in dogs. Though cats may use panting, in order to cool down, panting is commonly a sign that a particular cat is too stressed or too hot, or has a causal lung or heart disorder, which needs to be addressed by the vet. Moreover, there are times that panting in cats is normal and already a reason to be alarmed, most especially if you happen to know what kind of activity the cat was tangled in instantly previously.

If you happen to notice that the cat is panting, place the cat in a calm, cool area with a bowl of water where the cat may cool down. In case the panting keeps on going or if the cat is not acting in a normal manner, it might be a sign of heatstroke or heat stress in cats. In these particular circumstances, take the cat to the vet immediately.

Does Excessive Sweating in Cats an Indication of an Underlying Medical Illness?

Cats commonly never sweat sufficiently to characterize it as an excessive sweating. Nonetheless, in case a cat is in a cool surrounding and still may leave sweaty footprints, then that may already point to causal stress and / or anxiety, which must be addresses using a specialized vet or behaviourist.

Some of the cat owners might also notice an excessive sweating all over the mouth of the cat, yet in those circumstances, the cat is commonly drooling excessively because of a stomach or dental problem. Occasionally, a cat may also salivate with happiness when it is petted. In case that you notice excessive wetness all over the mouth of your cat, consult your vet.


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