Keeping Cats Cool In Summer: What Should And Should Not Do?


When the temperature shoots high during the summer time, your cat might be at risk for the very same kind of health conditions, which plague exaggeratedly hot people: heart conditions, heat stroke, breathing conditions, and many others. Cats are not that different with us humans. They may also suffer organ failure and die and get dehydrated, and even die in se they get very hot. Due to the fact that summer temperatures, generally appear to go and rise, it is beneficial in being aware of the dangers that heat may pose for the cat and ready to pass measures essential in keeping cats cool in summer. Give this article a read and learn more about

Keeping Cats Cool in Summer: What not to do?           

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  • Do not ignore signs of cat stroke. The indication of cat stroke may include panting rapidly, having troubles in breathing, as well as an increase in the hart rat. Furthermore, a cat might act like it is drunk by strangely walking, and its gum getting redder than the normal. When you notice any of the symptoms, wrap the cat in a wet towel and get it to the vet or in an animal clinic as quickly as possible.
  • Do not tether the cat outside. Even though you think that shade may protect your cat, the sun may still shift. Thus exposing the cat in direct sunlight before you get to realize it.
  • Do not shave your cat’s fur. The cat’s fur offers protection against sunburn. The cats that are pale or those that have light skin need to stay out of the sun. Furthermore, the tips of the nose and the ears of the light-colored cat may get a skin cancer.
  • Do not forget to leave a fresh water for cats. Leave certain bowls of water at home so the cat may be certain to get a lot of it.
  • Do not leave your cat in a car without any ventilation. Do not do this even for just a few minutes. The inside of the cat may heat up quickly. This is what makes it even hotter than the temperature outside. If you are going to leave the cat inside the car, make sure that you leave the window open a few inches. However, this cannot make the car cooler inside. Better, take your cat with you.

To make sure that you never need to make any emergency visit, check these suggestions in keeping cats cool in summer.

Give a Comfy and Cool Living Area

Keeping cats cool in summer, needs a comfortable and cool living area.

  • In case you have a screened-in courtyard where the cats like to play, put up some shades on the sides, which face the sun. Give a lot of water. Check on the water bowl every once in a while all throughout the day. This is to make sure that  the water has not evaporated yet.
  • Consider that you keep the cat in the bathroom during the day. Cats may like to lie on the cool tiles, or in the skin or bathtub.
  • When possible, allow the cat to go into the basement. This may specifically benefit the older cats, which may not be as mobile already, or able to locating the cool spot of their own.
  • Freeze a water bottle and place it in the cat’s bed. Or you can place a frozen peas right under the cat’s bed’s covering. You may later eat the defrosted peas for the dinner.
  • Put some small plastic containers filled with water in the freezer overnight. Throughout the day you can place these around the cat’s favourite sleeping area.
  • If you do not have any air condition, place fans in the windows and let them run on exhaust. This is for the air to circulate without even sucking in the air from the outside.
  • Cool the house down before you go and leave for work. You can cover the windows and leave the air conditioning on the low mode if you can.

Adjust the Water, Travel Schedules, and Play Accordingly

  • Monitor the cat when the heat soars high. When possible, rush home on lunch time to make certain that the ware bowl is filled and that the cat seems healthy and happy. If you are going out in the evening, check your cat first. If you are going out on a trip, you can ask for your neighbour to look out for your cat.
  • Keep the activity on a minimum. Do not buoy up your cat to play on hot times.
  • Place the cat’s water and food bowl away from the sunlight. You should fill the water bowl with ice cubes, in order to keep the water chilled for so many hours.

Even Cooler Tips for Hot Summer Time

  • If you are not sure that the house will be cool enough for the cat, line up a cat sitter with a cooler home who might be willing to keep the pet for the day.
  • Consider buying a cat bed, which stays comfortably cool, even with alow voltage electricity.
  • Buy drinking fountain water bowl. You can also add some ice on it to make it much cooler.

The summer heat may be so stressful to everyone, but the cats depends on us too. Especially in making certain that they are healthy and safe. Taking the aforementioned advices and tips may help in ensuring that you are keeping cats cool in summer heat.


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