Is cat calendar the best gift for a cat lover?


Is the Christmas Eve nearing? The moment the holiday season approaches, we feel extra pressure of gifting something to our near and dear ones. It causes undue stress simply because not everyone can afford thousands of dollars for gifts. Those who are in small budget and need to gift something, they are even more pressurized. Now you can gift something out-of-the-box and unique with even the smallest budget. Try giving personalized cat calendar to your friend and see how he/she reacts. If fortunately, the receiver is a cat lover, he is sure to drool over the pet calendar. You can work with the online printing company to get it personalized. When you get it customized, you will have a perfect gift on hand. Print cat quotes on it and images of his favorite breeds of cats.

Is cat calendar the best gift for a cat loverCat calendar: the perfect budget friendly gift

A professionally designed cat calendar is a perfect gift for any cat lover. For many, cats are the most adorable feline creatures. If you are on a tight budget, the cat calendar is perfect gift. Even if you customize the calendar, it would not be that pricey. Besides this, you can use several design ideas to create a unique, adorable cat calendar. Use your creativity to create something unique.

Use photos of cats

You can take a picture of the cat residing in your friend’s place and use that. Along with that, use multiple pictures of pet photographs. Make sure you use the 12 photos of your friend’s precious pet. If there are multiple cats, use the images of all.

The size of prints

Choose among the various sizes and types of calendars. You need to first know how the recipient is going to use it. A desk calendar can be the perfect holiday gift for your friend. If the person will hang the calendar in the room, get a large calendar printed. You need to know that certain images appear good only on table calendars while others on larger ones. Keep all the pointers in mind.

Opt for glossy paper!

Glossy paper would be perfect if the calendar is for gifting purpose. The cute pet photos on the glossy paper may really stand out. Even in the glossy ones, you can give custom and professional look. Consider using matte finish on the calendar for more classy appearance.

Calendar cover

Is cat calendar the best gift for a cat lover

The cover of the cat calendar must be custom designed. You may use the image of the pet on the cover and include the name of your friend. Use bold texts and attractive images.

Cat calendar: a thoughtful gift!

If your friend is a cat lover, customized cat calendar can be unique, creative, thoughtful and innovative gift. It is the type of gift which no one can think about. So, your gift will stand out from the rest.

Cat calendar is a real fun and inexpensive gift item that the cat lover will like. A whimsical cat themed calendar may include a cat-themed basket. You enjoy a lot many options with a cat calendar. Choose among pocket calendar, desk calendar, wall calendar, planners, etc.


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