Iris Bombe In Cats: What Should You Know About It?


Synechlae are the adhesions in between the iris and some other structures in the eye. They are actually the result of inflammation in the iris and are specifically common with the anterior uveitis, as well as trauma to the eyes. Furthermore, the iris bombe in cats may happen in dogs as well as in felines. If you want to learn more about this feline eye condition, read on to this article.

Iris Bombe in Cats: What is this feline condition?

The most indicative and common indication of the iris bombe in cats is the changed and bizarre appearance of the eye of the cat. Furthermore, the iris might appear to be mottled, or in different color. Further, the pupil might appear having altered shape. In addition, iris bombe may be so serious, and might cause an austere attack of the angle-closure glaucoma. Moreover, glaucoma is a feline condition, wherein the optic nerve is being destroyed by the raised intraocular pressure. This is also a cause of blindness in the cats. It’s so important that the cat gets a vet treatment straightaway, as it might be the variance between the cat losing or maintaining its sight.

Moreover, iris bombe in cats is a feline condition, which is the upshot of the buildup of fluid in the eye’s posterior chamber. This particular fluid is what causes a prodigious deal of pressure, thus forcing the peripheral iris to swell. The augmented fluid will then be the result of an indiscretion of synechia –the adhesions, which fasten the iris into the rest of the eyeball of the cat. This pressure caused by fluid is possibly so uncomfortable and may even be painful for the cat. Further, this often causes a mild to austere reduction in the cat’s vision. 

Types of Cat Iris Bombe

Iris bombe in cats might be classified into posterior or anterior.

  • Posterior iris bombe is the iris’ adherence to the capsule that surrounds the eye lens.
  • Anterior iris bombe is referred to as a linkage in between the cornea and the iris. The cornea, as we know, is the clear cover of the eye.

Causes of Cat Iris Bombe

It isn’t unusual that the cause of the iris bombe in cats is not able to be classified, even by the veterinarian. Below are some of the possible causes, yet, might be deliberated by the veterinarian:

  • Corneal ulcer
  • Ocular injuries or wounds, often due to a fight with some other cats or animals
  • Side effect of surgery 
  • Chronic infection 

Symptoms of Cat Iris Bombe

The initial symptom, which may likely be observed by the pet owners is the changed appearance of the cat’s eye. One more symptom is that the cat necessities prompt vet attention, below are symptoms, which might also be existent in the cat:

  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  • Excruciating inflammation of the eye 
  • Reduced sight 
  • Reaction to light 
  • Uveitis or the inflammation of the eyeball’s middle layer, and may perchance cause blindness
  • Disparity in the lens color 
  • Glaucoma, perceived as the clouding over the eyes 
  • Excessive production of tears 
  • Corneal lesions 
  • Excessive squinting
  • Inflamed, blurred, or changed look of the cat’s eye

Prognosis of Cat Iris Bombe

As is usual, the visit to the veterinarian may likely start with the veterinarian listening to the report of the signs and symptoms you may have observed in the cat, as well as to the period of the symptoms. The vet may commonly perform a complete physical examination, in order to determine the overall health of the cat and, preferably, review the medical history of the cat.

  • The vet might be searching for the signs of the iris bombe and some evidences of glaucoma, which might have developed due to the iris bombe.
  • A tonometer might be used in measuring the pressure within the eyeball.
  • To diagnose iris bombe in cats, the vet, or vet ophthalmologist, may do a complete ophthalmological examination on the cat, observing for the different symptoms above.

Moreover, the vet may also be looking for an evidence which may be beneficial in ruling out some other serious eye conditions like cataracts, intraocular neoplasia, tenacious pupillary membranes, conjunctivitis, and iris hypoplasia.

Treatment for Cat Iris Bombe

In reaction to an incident of iris bombe in cats, below are two factors that should be considered in planning a plan of the treatment:

  • Addressing the potential glaucoma, which might have established due to the iris bombe
  • Getting rid of the pressure that’s yielded by the extra eye fluid that might allow the eyes to go back to its normal performance and appearance and performance

These two factors might be dealt with the ways below:

  • Anti-inflammatories might be prescribed in lessening the irritation and swelling in the eye.
  • Beta blockers might be recommended in reducing the production of the fluid, in order to relieve the pressure.
  • The vet might choose to relieve pressure on the eye of the cat via putting the cat under diuretics in the hopes of the fluid getting drawn out of the eyes, as well as passed out of the body through the urine. 

In case glaucoma has advanced, the vet might choose in performing a laser surgery, in order to improve the vision of the cat.


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