Infertility In Female Cats: What Should You Know About It?


The normal fertility in cats, as well as the ability in reproducing kittens, needs a normal estrous cycle, normal ova, stable and normal reproductive hormones levels, and a healthy reproductive tract, among other important matters. The maintenance of these conditions are important for the 2 months gestation period. In this article, we will be discussing about infertility in female cats –its causes, symptoms, prognosis, and treatments. Further, if you want to know all of these, give this article a read.

Infertility in Female Cats: What is this feline condition?

Infertility is actually the term to describe the incapacity of the cat to produce or procreate offspring. In the case of cats, infertility may affect both females and males. Further, for the female cats, fertility is actually based on the reproductive system’s normal operation. This includes the release of eggs, eggs production, as well as the proper processes of uterine when the egg has already been fertilized.

Furthermore, the fertilization needs insemination by a male of the same species. In the event that any part of the cat’s reproductive system in either male or female isn’t properly performing, infertility may take place. In the cats, the ovulation happens during the season of mating, thus right breeding technique is necessary as well for the successful conception. Moreover, in a lot of instances, infertility in female cats is a curable feline condition.

Causes of Female Cat Infertility

A lot of issues and conditions may actually result in the infertility in female cats. In a lot of instances, the infertility is connected to a mishmash of factors, instead of a certain cause. Further, infrequently, no particular cause might be determined. Some of the causes of infertility in female cats include:

  • Certain types of cancers
  • Chronic endometriosis 
  • Feline leukemia, as well as some other viral infections
  • Growth or developmental issues
  • Hereditary conditions, which include abnormalities in the chromosome
  • Hormonal deficiencies or changes
  • Incapacity to mate
  • Irregular ovulation 
  • Lack of adequate stimulus throughout mating, which result in ovulation
  • Lack of desire in mating –due to age or hormonal issues
  • Male mate’s infertility issues
  • Ovarian cysts 
  • Poor nutrition
  • Reproductive system infections
  • Toxicosis
  • Trauma or injury that affects the reproductive organs
  • Various protozoa  or parasites

Symptoms of Female Cat Infertility

The main symptom of infertility in female cats is the deprivation of offspring even after multiple attempts of mating. It’s significant to remember that failure in producing offspring after one mating attempt is justly common, yet constant incapacity to conceive might specify that there is an issue.

Symptoms of infertility in female cats include:

  • Abnormal cycles of mating
  • Failure in conceiving
  • Failure in mating or trouble in mating
  • False pregnancy
  • Fetal reabsorption
  • Late  or early term loss of pregnancy
  • Recurrent mating deprived of pregnancy
  • The lack of desire in mating

Prognosis of Female Cat Infertility

Vet staff might use various methods in diagnosing infertility. Additionally, a thorough physical exam and a full medical history might be necessary. This is for the identification ofany apparent infertility causes or issues with the conception. Make sure you prepare in discussing the symptoms that you have observed. As well as the steps, which have been taken in attempting to conceive. Moreover, make sure to advise the vet if mating has already been tried with o’er one male cat. Because the male infertility might really be a call for concern.

In case one mate has only been involved, the veterinarian might conduct some diagnostic exams on male cats, including an ultrasonography and semen evaluation. Furthermore, be well-prepared in discussing the conception history of the cat. Additionally, various diagnostic methods might also be used for a cat, which was able in conceiving in the past. 

Treatments for Female Cat Infertility

The treatment methods for infertility in female cats may vary depending on the primary cause of the infertility. In case the male mate is referred as the cause, they‘ll undergo a treatment or you might wish to seek some other breeding partner. Some of the potential treatments for the female infertility include the following:

Breeding Management                            

If the breeding hasn’t been successful without any determined primary cause, the breeding management might be essential. Moreover, education on the proper techniques of breeding may be essential in improving the risks of future success in breeding. In addition, this method has no risk.

Antivirals, Antibiotics, or Some Other Medications

If the primary cause of the infertility is because of an infection or illness, medication in treating the cause might be administered. Additionally, all of these types of treatments are commonly reflected low risk, yet, you must speak with a vet regarding the risk of the side effects. In general, this kind of treatment may not be recommended until the precise cause is already known.

Surgical Procedure

In case of abnormalities, cysts, or obstructions in the reproductive system, surgical procedure might be needed to treat the situation. Further, just like with any surgical procedure, a modest risk is untaken. In addition, if the pet shown poor reactions to the anesthesia, this particular treatment might not be sustainable. 

Hormone Treatments

Treatments in improving or reducing the levels of several hormones might be essential if the imbalance is what causes the condition. Further, normal hormones might be essential in inducing ovulation or improving the thyroid function. Moreover, this particular treatment is popular because of its low risk. Contingent on the hormone provided, this treatment might need to last for some time. 


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