How To Choose A Vet: Things You Need To Know In Choosing One


Most of the people like to choose a veterinarian or a pet clinic, which is close to their home. Not just does this make it more convenient, but it’s also significant to have a vet or animal hospital near you. This is in case your cat experience some kind of medical emergency. Moreover, most of the cats do not like to be restricted for a car ride, hence, a much shorter trip to the veterinarian is less stressful for the cats. But really, how to choose a vet? Read on!

How to Choose a Vet?

If you are going to choose a vet for the very first time, the word of mouth is perhaps the best way for you to get started. You can ask your pet-owning friends, neighbors, and relatives in case they can suggest a local vet, which they have already tried. In case you do not know anyone in that area, an animal shelter professional or a groomer must be able to provide you with some tips. If you contact a vet school, they’ll be able to give you with a list of vets in the area.

Moreover, veterinary care must be a routine part of the life of the cat. It is always the best to see a veterinarian for a routine vaccines or examination first. Therefore, if you need to come in for some serious pet condition or emergency, you will know that you have a medical professional that you can feel comfortable with. Finding a veterinarian who can relate well to the pet owner is as important as looking for someone who works well with your pet. During a medical event, a pet owner is just as nervous and upset than the cat itself.

If you cannot afford to go to a vet clinic, there are some other economical options you can choose from. This includes animal rescue group or a local pet shelter. Since the costs for medical care is rapidly increasing, there are so many kinds of pet insurance that are available now too.

Furthermore, veterinary medicine is a field that is highly-specialized. The veterinarians need to complete the very same number of years in the medical school as the human doctors. They studied an extra 2-4 years, in order to get this particular degree. The offices may be small, and the services may vary in size.

When should I look for a vet?

Among the most important decisions you will make as a pet parent is looking for a quality health care provider for your pets. Choosing for the right vet is actually a personal decision, yet you will want to choose a certain practice, which offers the highest available common care. But when should you look for a vet, really?

Guardians actually seek out new veterinarians for some specific reasons. This includes a recent pet adoption or house move. Various concerns regarding a current quality of care of a vet or pet treatment for a certain health condition.

Details to Look For when Choosing a Vet

For you to answer the question –“how to choose a vet?” here are some of the details you can look out for:

  • Ask to pay a visit at the kennel area. In case your pet needs to spend the night, you may want to ensure that the cages are odor free and clean. The cat cages are commonly separated from the dog cages. This is essential in minimizing the stress for the animals.
  • Ask if the services like dental cleaning, nail clipping, and grooming are available in the clinic.
  • Are the examinations like x-rays, ultrasound, and blood work done on the premises, or are they farmed out to some other clinics?
  • You need to be able to see the credentials and the degrees of the vet posted on the walls of the vet clinic.
  • How many vets are available at the clinic? Can you choose one as your permanent vet, so you can see the same individual every time you come?
  • The technicians, clinic employees, and the front desk officer must be professional and friendly.
  • The most important, check and observe if the facility is comfortable and clean.

Most of the vets and animal clinics are open during the regular office hours from Mondays to Saturdays. Furthermore, some of the larger vet clinics are actually open until Sundays too. Most of the vet clinics are not really available after hours. It is so important to ask your vet for a name, telephone number and location of the nearby 24-hour animal emergency clinic. In case of a medical emergency, of course, you don’t want to waste your time just to look for an open clinic.

Final Words

Even though this is not essential, you may want to see if your vet clinic has an office cat. These are commonly placid, friendly adult cats, which live at the clinic and serve as greeters and agents. Usually, they sleep on the counter, and are so great for calming the nervous owners while they’re spending time in the waiting area. These office cats convey friendliness, as well as good will to various customers, as well as give animals something to think about, other than the examination they will get.

There you have it, I hope I got to answer the question, ‘how to choose a vet?’


  1. When you talked about the importance of making sure the facility is clean and comfortable and that the staff is friendly, it made me realize that I should visit potential veterinarian offices before choosing one! My daughter is going to be turning 13 next week, and she has been begging for a dog. I think it would be a great way to teach her responsibility, but the most important thing will be to keep the dog healthy and happy, so finding a veterinarian is my first priority.

  2. I like that you said that when choosing a veterinarian, I should take the time to visit their clinic to see if it’s clean and if they have a friendly staff. My pet cat has been vomiting lately, so I’m looking for a qualified vet. I’ll follow your advice and try to visit the vet clinic in our area later to seek the best one. Thanks!

  3. I totally agree when you mentioned choosing a vet clinic that is open besides regular hours in case you need emergency treatment for your pet. My sister just adopted a cute kitten from a friend last week since she has been feeling lonely living on her own for almost 2 years now. I will suggest her to find a vet clinic around her neighborhood and make sure it is open after hours so she can quickly get the necessary treatment for her kitten if she suddenly falls sick.

  4. My sister loves cats so much that right now she owns five of them. One of the cats started acting indifferently and she told me she was worried but I told her that a good animal doctor will help her especially when she or he can relate well to the pet owner and to the pet itself. Keeping this in mind, we’ll start to look for pet clinics that specialize in cats.


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