Facts You Need To Know About Head Pressing In Cats


The head pressing in cats is often characterized by the incontrollable act of pressing their head against the wall or some other objects for no ostensible reason. In general, this indicates a damage to the nervous system that might result from a lot of erratic causes. This includes prosencephalon disease, or toxic poisoning. Further, there is no actual evidences, which may certain the cat breed or the age-range is at a greater risk for this particular condition. Read on to this article and get to learn more about this feline condition.

Head Pressing in Cats: What is this feline condition?

Cats might press their own head against hard walls or some other stationary objects erratically. This is actually dissimilar than just rubbing the head against a particular thing. Further, head pressing in cats is way more powerful and often recurrent many times every day. If the cat starts this particular behavior, it’s already the time to see the veterinarian for some examinations and proper diagnosis. 

The cats may exhibit a range of behaviors while they mature and grow. Most of the behaviors are normal, yet some may be an indication of a more serious problem. Additionally, head pressing in cats is regularly a neurotic act a lot of owners tend to consider as cute. Nonetheless, it may indicate some serious neurological damage in the cat. 

Causes of Cat Head Pressing       

There are a range of medical issues, which might cause the cat to start head pressing. Below are some of the most generally identified in domestic cats:

Brain Tumors

The brain tumors are a main cause of head pressing in some cats. Furthermore, tumors, which start in the brain are called the primary tumors. Additionally, those that start somewhere else in the cat’s body and spread into the brain are known as the secondary tumors. In addition to the head pressing, cats that has brain tumors might have tenderness and seizures around their skulls as well. 

Metabolism Disorders

Cats that has metabolic diseases like hypoglycemia might exhibit head pressing. All of these disorders may start at birth or later in life.


Cats may get into a lot of toxic substances or poisons in and all over the house, which may cause a lot of symptoms. This includes pressing the head. Additionally, they may cause cancer, immunodeficiency, liver disease, as well as some other neurological conditions too. 

Liver Problems

Liver thrusts aren’t common to see in cats, yet when they happen, a head pressing incident might follow with them. Cats, which have this condition have obstructed the flow of blood into the liver. 

Prosencephalon Disease

This disease mainly affects the thalamus and forebrain of the brain of the cat. It may cause seizures, head pressing, as well as numerous other neurological signs and symptoms. 


The cat may acquire some serious infections, which may cause head pressing as its main symptoms. Rabies, viruses, fungal infections, as well as parasitic infections are some of the types of infections, which may happen.


The encephalitis is due to the inflammation of the brain that may cause a lot of adverse affects in the cat. Together with the head pressing, the cat might also have some trouble functioning and may be lethargic. 

Symptoms of Cat Head Pressing

The head pressing in cats is merely one symptom, which happens with some neurological issues. Some other symptoms that often accompany head pressing in cats include:

  • Sores on feet from pacing
  • Head injuries due to head pressing in objects powerfully
  • Slowed reflexes
  • Seizures
  • Vision problems
  • Pacing Circling

Prognosis of Cat Head Pressing

The vet may need to ask some questions to diagnose the cat. He’ll likely ask to tell when did you first noticed the head pressing of the cat. As well as if it has any other health issues. Further, the doctor may also likely to take vital signs, just like weight, temperature, respiration rate and heart rate. Furthermore, blood work might be performed as well, in order to determine if there are any toxins or infection present. Additionally, a urinalysis might also be done in determining if any metabolic issues are accountable for the symptoms.

Treatment for Cat Head Pressing

The treatment for head pressing in cats is actually contingent on the primary cause of it. The serious issues like brain liver shunts, tumors, or encephalitis might need surgical operation, as well as hospitalization. If the doctor finds the cat having a metabolic condition, he or she might treat the cat using medications on an outpatient basis. Cats, which have life-threatening or serious conditions like liver shunt, might not be some kind of good candidates for the treatment.

Care is reliant on the signs and symptoms, which appear, as well as the prognosis the vet settles on. Austere clinical signs may need hospitalization and an immediate treatment. Various causes need a different treatment, plus no therapies or drugs must be directed up until a prognosis has already been reached.


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