Dry Skin In Cats: Is This A Common Cat Condition?


Dry skin is no fun for anyone –this includes our cats. However, there may be a lot of different reasons for it. As a cat owner, you can come up against the dry skin of your cat for a lot of reasons. Fortunately, there are so many ways to get rid of dry skin in cats. Read on through this article and get to learn more about it.

Dry Skin in Cats: How common is this?

In the actual fact, dry skin in cats is so common, most especially when the  weather gets so cold and we need to turn the heat up indoors. The dry skin is flaky and frequently has white scales that resembles the dandruff. Various diets that lack in important nutrients like zinc and omega-3 fatty acids can actually lead to dry skin. The same is true when you bath your cat with the wrong shampoo or with the use of water that’s so hot.

Moreover, various parasitic skin conditions, like lice, mice, and fleas, as well as allergies may lead to a dry skin in cats. Furthermore, the same is true with several hormonal disorders, just like the Thyroid disease.

Dry Skin Likely Causes and Symptoms

Constant or persistent itching in the same area might be an indication that your cat has a dry skin. Furthermore, some other symptoms of dry skin in cats are the dandruff-like flakes that is visible on their bald spots and fur. Moreover, a dry patch hither and thither or some occasional scratching typically is not something to worry about. However, when the scratching keeps on going for several days, or when your cat is licking and chewing a certain area compulsively, it might be the time for your to determine if your cat has serious skin irritation or condition.

Moreover, one reason why your cat might have dry skin is that, something is wrong in its food bowl. It is necessary for cats to have a nutritionally balanced food that has a lot of fatty acids. Moreover, this is in order to maintain a healthy coat and skin. You will need to talk to your vet first about the cat food you will give your cat, in order to see if she really needs to shift to a more broad food or try some supplements, like a fish oil. However, bear in mind, that any recommendations from a vet might take up to about one month before clearing up your cat’s dry skin. Moreover, when your cat is stressed, you will see an increase in shedding, flaky, dry skin.

When your cat’s dry skin is customarily at the center of its back, its problem might be due to its excess weight. It is important to note that  obese cats have some trouble reaching particular areas to groom, and might have matted or dry skin as results.

Allergies and Skin

The environmental allergies, and some other outside factors are actually the common causes of skin conditions, like dry skin in cats. Furthermore, it is important to be well aware of what is at home, which may cause the skin irritation. Ask the following to yourself:

  • Have any new animals been introduced at home?
  • Have my cat eaten any medication, which are around my home?
  • Did I wash any clothing or blankets in different detergent?
  • Did I use any new household chemical cleaners on the floor, air, or furniture?

If your answer to these questions is yes, and may isolate a conceivable source, you should call your veterinarian and describe the symptoms and what you really think your cat really come in contact with. From thereon, your veterinarian will decide whether you need to pay a visit or wait for several days. Furthermore, you may also want to talk to everyone at home and make a record of any new products that may have entered right before your cat start to itch. Additionally, cats may also be upset by pollens, mold, and dust. When your cat becomes lethargic suddenly, has seizures, or vomits soon after you notice its scratching, you need to get it to the vet directly. Additionally, it may have some severe food allergy or ate something that’s poisonous.

Treatments for Dry Skin in Cats

When you are looking for a dry skin treatment for your cat, you might be drawn to turning the internet for some possible natural treatments. Furthermore, bear in mind, however, that some products, oils, and soaps, which are safe for us, humans, might be poisonous for the cats. You need to check with your veterinarian first before you try and relieve its irritation.

Furthermore, some cats might experience itchy, irritated, red skin because of food allergies. Moreover, you need to talk to your veterinarian about whether a prescription nutritional supplement or cat food might be a solution in relieving itch. While you are solving your cat’s skin conditions, you should always try and keep your cat busy with some active playing. As well as distract it from scratching an area before it starts to become infected or raw. Additionally, you may also use some humidifiers to help in relieving and preventing the ski dryness.

When your cat experiences dry skin or itchy skin, the chances are the cause of it is actually skulking in your home. However, it may possibly be stirred easily. Your  vet, as well as you may work together in modifying your home for a much happier and much more comfortable cat.


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