Cats In Heat: What Is It Like For Cats?


Just like most female mammals, cats also go through physical cycles, which prepare their own bodies for the fertilization and birth. In us, humans, this particular cycle is what we call menstruation. In cats, we define it as estrus. When female cats experience estrus, they are in heat. Further, they are commonly receptive to both reproduction and sexual intercourse. Moreover, cats may also go in heat in the late kittenhood. This makes it essential to geld in them when a pregnancy is unwanted. Read on through this article and get to learn more about cats in heat.

Cats In Heat: What is it like for cats?          

While it is logical to assume that a cat in heat will have similar physical symptoms as a woman having its own period, the reality is actually not the same. Additionally, first and foremost, cats font shed the lining of their own uterus. Therefore, in contrast to the popular belief, heat must not involve any vaginal bleeding. Furthermore, in case your female cat is bleeding, you need to contact your veterinarian.

Due to the fact that human females shed their uterus lining each month, bloating, cramping, and related symptoms may be present. Furthermore, this is in spite of the wailing and the need for attention at this point in time. Rather, a heave of hormones might make your cat extremely eager to have intercourse.

Moreover, your cat may rub against you, pace hither and thither, as well as assume a sexual position when you stroke or pet it.  In addition, you may also notice that your cat loses its appetite during this period. As well as lick its genital areas often and mark its own territory by way of spraying it. Further, it may also attempt to run outside the house, escaping to find its own mate. When you notice this, it’s all fine, all of this is normal for a cat during an in heat period.

Cat’s Heat Cycles

Cats are known to be polyestrous. This just means that their heat cycles happen occasionally during their own fertile years. Furthermore, these cycles might begin in as early as four months, and will keep going on until the cat is either spayed or bred. The heat cycles in cats may last for about several days up to 2 weeks. Moreover, these repeat themselves once every 2-3 weeks. Further, it is so easy to look at, then how a female cat nearly always seems to be in heat. Additionally, a lot of vets practice early neuter and spay from this particular reason.

In case your heart is in heat, you will be able to notice it. Further, while it is not that easy to prove that the heat cycles are not painful, the lurid howling has its own purpose. And this is to attract the attention of a possible suitor. Getting aware of fact may ease your worry regarding something that it wrong or off with your own cat.

When do Cats Go in Heat?

A female cat, which is not neutered is actually the queen. A female kitten may have been matured enough to experience its first estrus at the age of 6 months. However, it can be as young as 4 months and even as old as 12 months. The queens may go in heat occasionally in the fall or in the spring. Moreover, if your cat did not get pregnant while it is in heat, you may expect some other estrus cycle to follow 2-3 weeks after. Additionally, some other factors like additional cats and hours of daylight in the environment may influence the cycle.

Moreover, cats are prompted ovulators. This just means that they release an egg in order to get fertilized only after having sex with another cat. Due to the fact that cats ovulate on each of the mating, the mating often results in pregnancy. Furthermore, the spaying is actually the best way in preventing kitten litter. In case your cat hasn’t been neutered, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the common signs of in heat before it happens.

Cats in Heat: What are the signs?

As a matter of fact, cats do not always exhibit similar signs during each of the estrus cycles. Therefore, you should be familiar with some of its symptoms. Here are some of the most common symptoms when cats in heat take in:

  • Spraying. The female cats may spray on various objects all over the house while in heat. This is mainly because the urine has pheromones, which attract the male cats. Further, you might also notice signs of spraying cats from the male cats.
  • Commando crawling. A cat might flatten its quarters in front close to ground, crawl along the floor, and stick its rear end up in the air.
  • Excessive licking on the genital area. You might notice that the cat’s genital area is swollen.
  • Wants to escape home. An indoor cat, which suddenly wants to escape and go outdoors is a sign of cat being in heat.
  • Deflection reflexes. It may move its own tail to a side. This is typically seen along with the posture of those in estrus.
  • Estrus posture. This is a position where the rump rise in the air, and the hind find might appear to step on the carpet.
  • Excessive affection. Your cat might run its own body on your ankle excessively that it starts to become not easy to walk without being stumbled.
  • Calling or vocalizing. You may expect yowling or meowing, sometimes to a point of sounding like a cat is in pain.


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