Cat lover’s paradise- Missouri thrift store


You must be aware of the thrift stores that are available in Missouri but there is one thrift store which is exceptional in nature and it is now treated as one of the safest houses for homeless or sick cats. The owner of this thrift house is quite passionate about different kinds of cats and thus helpless cats are being collected so that proper shelter can be catered to them. This store is located within Kansas City and it is quite a popular one. People are now leaving their unwanted cats at the door of this store.

Cat lover’s paradise- Missouri thrift storeIn fact, cats are being donated to the store from various sources and those helpless cats are being taken great care by the owner. In fact, when new customers visit the store they get well entertained by seeing the adopted cats. He not only gives shelter to kitties but also feed them well so that their health can be improved. He has also arranged for regular vet check-up so that the kitties can remain free from all kinds of unwanted heath issues. This is the reason for cats this thrift store is no less than a paradise and they just love to stay out there.

Store volunteers are very much friendly in nature and thus they take good care of the sheltered cats at the store. These cats are also trained well so that they can get more and more socialized and can mix up easily with human beings. The cats are also groomed in a proper manner in order to improve their behavioural patterns and their overall gesture. The cats can now lead a disciplined life by receiving proper training. In fact, now the owner’s sole aim is to save and protect helpless cats by catering them necessary food, treatments and shelter.

If the cats get sick, then they receive immediate treatments from the store representatives. If you wish to adopt any cat as pet, then you can definitely approach this store without any hesitation, the owner would love to hand over your desirable cat to you. The store is getting connected with Northern Animal Welfare Society so that the growth of unwanted pets can be easily prevented. In the year 2013, the store has spent almost above $70,000 for vet care of 500 and more cats who have received shelter. It is now more of a cat store rather than a thrift store.

Cat lover’s paradise

Different useful programs on cat-care are now getting organized by the store for spreading cat-protection awareness. Since the number of cats is increasing day by day, therefore the owner is also planning to take a large space for the purpose of proper accommodation. If you think that wealthiest fellows can take good care of helpless cats then you are wrong rather fellows with wealthy heart can do the same and this theory has already been proved right by the owner of this thrift store in Missouri. If you visit this store, then you will find that different kinds of cats are staying inside this store under great care.


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