Cat Losing Teeth: What Do You Need To Know About It?


In the actual fact, cat losing teeth may seem like a bit of a shocking happening. Further, it is not actually something that you might expect to happen and it might make you worry about your cat’s overall health state. In case your cat is still a kitten, losing their teeth is just a natural aspect of their own personal development. These are what they call the milk teeth. Moreover, this particular process is actually the same as what happens to us humans. Nevertheless, if your adult cat loses its teeth, there may some other considerations that you need to make. More frequently, it is a symptom of an underlying oral condition, infection, etc. Furthermore, a healthy adult cat who have a fully developed adult teeth must not keep on losing teeth or even pieces of its teeth,

Moreover, if you even observed that there’s a new gap in the smile of your cat, you might want to discover the reason why your cat is actually losing its teeth. Luckily, we are here for you! In this article, we will give advices on how you can improve the oral hygiene of your cat, as well as troubleshoot any other conditions. Read on to learn more!

Cat Losing Teeth

We know too well that cats are born with no teeth. Moreover, this is mainly because their tongue and mouth are designed to suckle the mother’s teats to get milk. Furthermore, during the process of weaning, the kittens start to develop its milk teeth. This is what makes them able to eat solid foods. Usually, this happens from the third weeks onward.

The first set of teeth actually consist of 26 individual teeth, yet they’ll just become visible at around the 6th or the 7th week. Additionally, at this point in time, the teeth are so small yet sharp, most especially the canines. Moreover, this just means that even a bite from a kitten may be a bit painful.

At over 3-4 months, the cats will begin to experience the loss of milk teeth. This happens when the baby teeth already give rise to the adult teeth making the dental structure of the adult cat. Furthermore, these actually consist of 30 individual teeth that are thicker and more durable than the previous ones. Further, their own growth may cause certain amounts of discomfort in young ones, as they grow in the gums.

Is Losing Cat Teeth Normal?

A set of teeth of an adult cat must be composed of about 30 individual teeth. Moreover, the strong canine teeth, which stand out the most are the ones used to tearing the flesh from the obligate carnivore diet. Furthermore, the upper jaw must have incisors (6), canines (2), premolars (6), and molars (2). On the bottommost part of the jaw, it is just the same, except it has only 4 premolars, instead of 6.

Moreover, it is not that much of uncommon for cats losing teeth, especially their ½ permanent teeth on their entire adult life. Nevertheless, losing teeth for the adult cats may be in general, a sign of imbalance in the body. A lot of pet owners actually neglect the oral hygiene of the cats. This, particularly, may lead to the accrue of tartar and might make it harder to tell whether they actually have lost tooth or not.

Possible Causes of Cat Losing Teeth

When the adult cat loses teeth, we need to be alert to the probability of injury or infection in the mouth. Therefore, it is important to check the teeth, mouth, tongue, gums, and mouth cavity of the cat periodically. Furthermore, when you do this, you will need to search for any discoloration, wound, change of texture, too much drooling, unpleasant smell or pus. In case you notice the health of the mouth of your cat is low or there’s something wrong, a veterinarian checkup will be important to conduct.

Moreover, the major factor that comes with the loss of teeth in cats is actually feeding. Cats, unlike humans, don’t have bite surfaces on the permanent teeth. Furthermore, for wild cats, this is not actually a problem as the diet is consists of almost only raw meat. Additionally, the powerful molars of your cat will act life scissors and lick the food. As well as negate the need to chewing.

How to prevent loss of teeth in cats?

The best way for you to prevent he loss of teeth in cats is actually to make sure that they actually have a good general oral hygiene. Furthermore, this will not only protect them against tartar, they also help in making your cat stay healthy in general to fight various infections. Moreover, a part of this job is keeping the cat’s teeth brushed. In case you do not know how frequently you must do so or how you may be able to clean your cat’s teeth, check the internet.

One more important thing to consider in keeping your cat’s teeth healthy, consider the diet. Additionally, there are actually some vets who suggest raw food diet for cats. Nonetheless, making certain that your cat has all the important nutrients you will need that can easily be achieved with some commercially available feed. Furthermore, the taste of your cat might have something to say regarding what they would want to eat.

Purely, this article is just informative. Furthermore, we don’t have any authority to prescribe any vet treatments or create any diagnosis. Take your pet to its vet to assess the case properly.


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