Cat Health Myths: What Should You Believe In?


A lot of cat health myths have been told regarding the felines throughout the ages. For instance, consider the infamous notion that it is allegedly healthy for cats to drink the cow’s milk. While in the reality, most of the cats are lactose intolerant and cannot break the sugars in milk down.

There is no denying that kittens will and must drink milk from its mother. However, once they are already weaned, some other milks, just like the cow’s milk are not suggested for the cat diets. So much like us humans, cats do not actually have the enzymes that breaks the lactose down. Evolutionarily, it isn’t part of what the cats need, when it comes to nutrition. Moreover, it may add some fuel to the fire when the cat already has a distressed stomach. This is the least thing that you would want to give your cat with a gastrointestinal disturbance.

Just like with most of the cat health myths, there is commonly some pound of truth. Over the past years, farmers might sometimes put out sauces of milk for the cats. Nevertheless, it might be a supplement to a tissue and meat diet, as the cat’s may catch mice in the barn.

The spread of the myths regarding the cat health is similar to a derby of telephone, wherein someone will say something and the other will pass it on to the next, and so on and so forth.

They are so much like the urban legends. There is no one who bothers to figure it out if it is a fact or a fiction. There are times when the myths are actually harmless, just like the common belief that cats are unfriendly creatures. However, sometimes, the myths may cause harm.

Cat Health Myths: What should you believe in?                                            

In case the myths deal with the cat’s nutrition and health, owners must need to take some extra steps to confirm what you may have read online or heard from some other people.

Here are some of the cat health myths that people tend to believe. Are they fact or fiction? Keep on scrolling to learn more.

Cats Always Land Feet First

This is a fact.

Cats have a superior reflex, as well as a flexible spine. They can actually impulsively fall with their feet first. However, they may end up with some broken bones as well when they fall. It is advisable that owners must check the screens on ledges and windows, in order to prevent any cats from falling from high places.

Garlic on Food May Keep Worms and Fleas Away

This is a fiction.

The onion and garlic actually have the potential to cause some anemic conditions in cats. Even up to this date, nobody has ever been able to verify that the garlic has the capacity to keep the fleas and worms at bay.

Cats are Nocturnal

This is a fiction.

Although they have a keen eyesight, cats can’t see in a total darkness. The truth is that, cats are much more active in the early morning, rather than in the early evening. In the actual fact, in the wild, cats do most of their hunting at dusk and dawn.

The Pregnant women Should Not Own Cats

This is a fact.

It is so true that some cats are being infected with a disease, known as toxoplasmosis. It is possible for this condition to spread to humans via contact with the cat litter box. This is what causes the unborn babies to be harmed. Nevertheless, pregnant women may avoid the handling of cat litter. They may make certain to wash their own hands carefully, as well as keep them away from their mouths when they come in contact with the cat waste.

Neutering or Spaying May Cause Weight Gain

This is a fiction.

There’s a few scientific evidence that ties the act of neutering or spaying to gaining weight. The main reason that a cat weights gain is inactivity. This is more prevalent in the indoor cats.

Cats without Whiskers, Lose Their Sense of Balance

This is a fiction.

It is so hard to imagine how an idea like this even started. Cats actually use their whiskers as their feelers. But not to maintain their balance. How a cat actually positions its whiskers may also be a sign of mood. So whatever you do, do not cut the whiskers of your cat or pull them out. The whiskers are rooted deep on their skin, where the nerve endings are plentiful.

You don’t Need to Exercise Your Cat

This is a fiction.

You can and you need to exercise your cat. All cats need some mental stimulation, as well as physical activity. Cats must be kept indoors for their own safety. However, there are lots of games and toys that may keep them active at a very healthy weight.

Final Say

When it comes to debunking the cat myths, your best bet to do is to exercise some caution before you even try it out. Furthermore, you also need to ask your vet about any myths you have heard or check out some reputable sites.


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