Cat Equipment Placement: Facts You Need To Know About It


Cats might be seen as a somewhat low maintenance pet, in comparison to dogs. Dogs, as we know, needs regular walking and so many interaction and input with their owners. This is a  part of their daily lives. It might be a mistake, however, to even think that cat is a feed and forget kind of a pet. Further, in their own way, the cats need so much consideration and are thought to go into a practical care, just like dogs. Even though, in somewhat different ways. Just like in the cat equipment placement.

A lot of pet owners make a mistake of thinking that their own cat may be the happiest and their care will be the easiest if all things they need are actually grouped together and is kept in just one place. Further, it is true that cats really keep distinguishing territories even in their own homes. Nevertheless searching your cat’s bed water and food bowl, as well as litter tray near to each other isn’t the best way to take care of your cat and may even lead to stress and even unhappiness in the cat if all of the things are not arranged in the way they like it to be.

Read on to this article and get to know more about the considerations to remember in cat equipment placement.

Cat Equipment Placement: Where should you put them?

Litter Box

Cats are amazingly clean animals. Further, if you use a litter box within the house, instead of teaching your cat to do its business outside, you’ll need to make some long-term commitment. This is in order to keep the litter box clean. Even though the litter box of your cat is free of feces and urine and to you, it looks pristine in condition, it might still have some noticeable odor. This stinks to the sensitive nose of the cat.

Furthermore, it is so important not just to clean the litter box often, but to disinfect it as well regularly. In case you have a lot of cats at home each of the cats must have their own litter box. Further, these must not be placed near each other. When possible, keep the cat’s litter box in separate rooms and keep the litter box as far as possible from its bed, water bowls and food bowls.

Play Equipment and Bed

Often, cats may have multiple beds or comfy sleeping spots. Further, the least struggle for a cat owner is allowing their cat to find a spot, which they enjoy being in by themselves, as well as situate some bedding, which they’ll like the most. This will actually avoid the maddening cat issue of buying a very nice and often times expensive cat bed.

Moreover, even though each cat has different preferences and tastes when it comes to what they look for in their sleeping spots, most of the cats will either have favorite for sleeping on something, which is high up, or in a small cozy place. Furthermore, the cat climbing frames, which have a sleeping perch on top, are frequently the favorites among the cats.

Cats are not likely to choose beds that are close to their trays and sometimes, close to their water and food bowl too. Therefore, if your cat is rejecting a certain bed, try to place it somewhere else. While the soft pet bed may need to be occasionally washed, try not to wash it so often. Most particularly with some strongly scented soaps, which the cat might find objectionable. Cats really like their stuff to smell the same as they are.

Water and Food Bowls

One of the most important things you need to know about cat equipment placement is the settlement of the water and food bowls.

The wide majority of people place their cat’s food bowl alongside the water bowl. Further, indeed, this looks eminently functional if you consider that the cat requirement for water alongside the dry food is specific. Nevertheless, recent study suggests that this may not be the most appropriate or natural way to cater for the cat’s water and food needs. Furthermore, this is not also the arrangement, which the cats might select out of choice. Though you will make certain that the cat’s water bowl is enough, this might not be enough.

You should not move your cat’s food or water bowl so suddenly. This is for them not to find it to the usual place. You can try to set up an alternative water or food bowl on its own and their current bowl to see what it prefers. Moreover, this is a beneficial hint when your cat seems to enjoy drinking water from anywhere, other than its bowl.

Bear in mind that your cat needs to have an access to clean and fresh water all the time.

Tips for Cat Food or Water Bowl Placement

  • Place the food or water bowl on the corner of the room. It may put your cat on the edge and alert as it cannot see what is around. This is most especially true in houses with a lot of dogs and cats.
  • Lessen the tension. You can try to position the bowl in an open area, in order to maximize the sight lines.

The cat equipment placement is very important. This is for your cat’s betterment. I hope you learn a lot from this article!


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