Cat Con LA is paradise on earth for cat lovers – 10 reasons


You must be extremely passionate towards your feline friend and would sometimes want to fly off to a place where you two can lead a happy life. Cat Con LA is a place which is indeed considered to be the paradise for all cat lovers out there. There are evident facts and events due to which this concept has coined up.

Cat Con LA is paradise on earth for cat lovers

Top 10 reasons which make this place so special for cat lovers

•    The cats in this part of the world are so adorable that their pictures are getting popular on Instagram. You will definitely fly to the place when you check out the images.

•    Cat Con LA is a place where cat imprinted decals has become immensely popular. You really need to visit the place to get your nails decorated.

•    Visit the place to get cat-eyes done. You can also try out on semi-permanent cat tattoos on your face.

•    When you are in this place in the world you will find that cats are taken care of in a different manner. Cardboard boxes are crafted out to make innovative cat houses.

•    In CatCon LA, you will find customized cat printed t-shirts. Grab one and go home and your pet cat will love it like anything.

•    The cat adaptation village is something which you will find here. Visit the place and you would be meeting lots of adorable feline friends whom you would like to adopt with immediate effect.

•    Strolling down the streets of CatCon LA, if you are lucky enough you can bump into Andy Milonakis. You will surely not want to miss out on this chance.

•    The place is filled with kitty-centric photo booths where you can take your cat and click a few pictures in order to make the stay memorable.

Cat Con LA is paradise on earth for cat lovers

•    The ever popular Ace Hotel will offer you with Happy Meowr with kitty cocktails. You will surely not want to miss out on the lip smacking menus.

•    Plan a visit to the 1,000-square-foot beauty bar owned by the none other than Kat Von D.

The relation between cats and men

From ancient times, a strong bonding is seen between this feline beast and man. Cats have always topped the list of pets which man always wanted to own in their domestic frontier. Their adorable and homely nature has made man adopt it without any second thought. Thus if you are a cat lover, then you really must visit the place where cats are treated royally. The importance of cats in CatCon LA is something which is not to be seen or found in any other corner of the planet. Do plan a visit to this amazing land and you will be really happy to meet people like you, for whom the feline dynasty holds a very high position.


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