7 Best Types Of Cat Art – Paintings, Photographs, Posters, & More

best cat art

Wanting a fresh piece of cat art for your home?

Many animals have inspired artists across the globe, but perhaps none more so than cats.

While some say that if you have a cat in your home, you don’t need cat art, we have to disagree! There is room in every home for a wonderful painting or poster, no matter how many cats you have.

Different Cat Art

The fun and mysterious nature of cats has attracted artists of all sorts to capture and portray their essence on canvas, sculpture, or the visual arts. Cats are such a part of our lives that we can find them throughout pop culture, from Garfield to FRIENDS’ Smelly Cat.

So, if you love cats (or have a friend who loves pussy cats), get some cat art!

Here are some different types of art depicting cats that you will find. While original paintings can be costly, prints can be picked up and framed relatively cheaply, making them a great gift for cat lovers.

Cat paintings

cat pixel art
Source: Intellectual Cat

Paintings are one form of cat art you can purchase. We recommended checking out sites like Saatchi Art which sell original art pieces (not prints!) which depict cats.

Original artwork doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can pick up a piece for under $500 if the artist is relatively unknown, and it can still be a fantastic painting.

Many famous artists have also painted cats down through the ages: Andy Warhol, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso – they all included cats in the work at one point or another. See these top 10 pieces of art which include cats for examples!

Inspiring cat photos

fine cat photography
Source: Cat and Pears

Photography is another form of artwork that can most realistically capture cats, and thankfully, many cats are photogenic.

A photographic print of a cat in a frame can look truly stunning – even if it’s not your cat. Who wouldn’t want a framed version of the image above, for example?

A cat can be depicted in many ways in a photo:  inspirational, whimsical, colorful, or moody in black and white. Visit ‘I am the cat photographer‘ to see the work of someone who totally focuses on cat photography. Browse the online galleries to see pics of kittens, macro shots, client work, and even rescue cat shots.

Cat inspired fine prints

grumpy cat print fine art
Source: Grumpy Cat

If an original art piece is not in the budget, a print is almost as good!

Prints of cat artwork can also be framed and hung in the house to great effect. These can be a lot cheaper and much more affordable. There are also endless options when it comes to buying prints – you can even get your very own Grumpy Cat painting!

Fine Art America has a ton of cat prints on offer. These are both prints of cat photography and paintings. If you prefer depictions of specific breeds of cat, you will find them there!

Cat posters

cheshire cat poster
Source: Alice & The Cheshire Cat

Another cool and unique form of art you can place in your home is posters!

Posters may be sometimes looked down upon, but they ought not to be! They can be really cool, and visitors to your home are bound to love them. The Alice in Wonderland poster with the Cheshire Cat featured above, is a fine example.

Where can you find cool cat posters? Head on over to Etsy to see a range of hilarious, serious, complicated, and/or slightly rude cat posters that you can purchase.

Cat sculptures

fine cat sculptures
Source: Boy With Cat

Sculptures are, of course, another form of art which often depict cats.

You may not have $25,000 for the sculpture featured above, but there are a ton of much cheaper options available.

Amazon has a range of cat sculptures, ornaments, and statues for both indoor and outdoor use. Cat people really love this sort of thing – I know people whose homes are full of cat ornaments (though maybe it’s just because everybody gives them this sort of thing as gifts?).

Cat Tattoos

best pussy tattoo
Source: @thecat_diego

Cat tattoos are the final form of cat depicting artwork we’re sharing in this post.

This is perhaps a little unusual and unexpected, but tattoo artists are also incredibly talented. This is the artwork for the truly cat obsessed!

Check out the examples of pussy tattoos here, and you will see some marvelous works of art.

Best Cat Art

So you see, there are so many options when looking for something ‘catty’ to hang or place in your home (or body)!

Whatever breed of cat you love, in whatever pose or cat posture you want, you are sure to find it out there!

These types of things make the best birthday presents or Christmas gifts for cat lovers, so if you know someone, definitely consider getting them something awesome like a great piece of cat artwork – alternatively, grab them a cat calendar! 😂


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