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Enlarged & Swollen Gums In Cats – What You Need To Know

cat swollen gums

Does your cat have swollen gums?

Enlarged gums in cats are the result of a condition in which the gingival tissue of the cat becomes enlarged and inflamed.

The swelling is commonly due to dental plaque or other bacterial growth which grows along the gum line. This particular condition is fairly rare in cats and can be prevented with good oral hygiene.

Enlarged Gums in Cats

If you become aware of irritation and/or swelling in your cat’s mouth, especially around the gums, it’s best to visit the vet.

They will be able to administer proper oral care and show you how you can look after your cat’s teeth and gums.

The danger of leaving the cat in this condition is that the enlarged gums may grow worse if a certain bacteria or infection goes into the bloodstream. Additionally, gum inflammation can be a sign of kidney disease or feline immunodeficiency virus as well.

Causes of cat gum inflammation

The major cause of swollen or enlarged gums in cats is a lack of oral hygiene. Bacteria builds up and develops into an oral condition.

It may be because of a lack of dental cleaning or a poor diet. More seriously, other underlying health conditions or diseases may be the cause of cat swollen gums.

Age, genetics, and breed can also play a part in the types of dental conditions cats get.

Symptoms of cat gum inflammation

How can you tell if your cat has gum problems?

It may be reluctant to groom itself, and might have a reduced appetite as well, which can lead to weight loss. Bad breath is another common sign of cat gum disease, along with these other signs:

  • Change in behavior – becoming irritable
  • Yellowing teeth and gumline growth
  • A sensitive mouth which the cat paws at
  • Stomach upset coupled with drooling

Diagnosis for the condition

pale cat gumsCats will be diagnosed by a vet after an examination. Further tests might also be completed to ensure there are no other problems going on with your puss.

A mouth x-ray might be done to see if there any other obvious reasons for swollen gums – similar to what we have when we visit the dentist.

If there is a gingival mass on the gums, a biopsy may be completed to exclude cancer.

Treating cat gum problems

Treatment for enlarged gums in cats depends mainly on the cause of the illness.

Most cases, however, can be solved by at-home treatment including dental cleaning (may be required every day) and a course of antibiotics. In advance cases, teeth may require scraping, in order to remove the tartar which has built up over time.

Cats that don’t respond well to treatments may need to be assessed for other diseases including kidney disease or diabetes.

cat swollen gum around tooth

Extraction: Some of the teeth may not be saved in the course of treatment, especially for inflammation, and should be removed in preventing infections from progressing or developing.

Cleanings: This is a dental cleaning, which may be done by a veterinarian below and above the gum line, in order to remove tartar that’s existent; as well as maintain healthy gums. This might be supplemented by polishing as well. 

Antibiotics: Some oral antibiotics might be prescribed in fighting infection, helping in gum healing, as well as reducing the inflammation that’s present.

Surgery: Surgical procedure and deep cleaning of the gums may be essential for issues, which have developed in restoring the gum line into its original situation. Further, pain medication may be given in order to alleviate discomfort or pain, which is experienced in the course of the procedure. 

Cat Inflamed Gums

If your cat does not get attention for its swollen gums, it may sooner or later lead to loss of teeth, receding gums, and advanced gingivitis. The price of treatment will also go up with the severity of the case.

It’s best to keep an eye on your cat’s mouth, going through a checklist, to make sure you get on top of any illness early.

Facts You Need To Know About Enlarged Spleen In Cats


Enlarged spleen in cats – here’s everything you need to know!

This is a medical condition that can occur in all cat breeds and at any age. If you suspect your cat may be suffering from this issue, it’s best to take it to the vet asap. A cat’s spleen being enlarged is more often the result of bigger issues.

Cat Spleen Guide

cat spleen

The spleen is a long organ that is situated on the left-most side of the cat’s stomach.

Even though the organ is not vital for life, a spleen that’s enlarged can be an indication of more chronic or serious diseases.

An enlarged spleen will occur due to inflammation. This happens when abnormal cells enter the system through whatever the underlying condition may be.

Causes of Enlarged Cat Spleen

There is a range of causes of an enlarged cat spleen:

  • Fungal infections like histoplasmosis
  • Splenic torsion
  • Autoimmune disorders like systemic lupus
  • Bacterial infection
  • Cancer like feline leukemia virus and multiple myeloma
  • Infectious disorders like feline infectious peritonitis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Heartworms
  • Heart failure
  • Abdominal injury because of trauma

Symptoms of Splenomegaly in Cats

Because the spleen is responsible for filtering and storing blood, removing foreign bodies and old cells from the bloodstream, and helping with immunity, the cat might experience a range of symptoms.

Here are some of the more common symptoms of splenomegaly in cats:

  • Fainting
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal sensitivity or pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of appetite

Prognosis of Splenomegaly in Cats

Your vet will want to examine your cat and may do some or all of the following:

  • feel for any enlarged lymph nodes
  • check for an enlarged abdomen
  • ask about medical history of the cat
  • query other symptoms (eating habits, etc)
  • take some blood for tests
  • urinalysis may be taken by the vet

This will help the vet determine the problem, and show how other organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are affected by the primary condition. 

Diagnostic exams like an ultrasound and an x-ray may also be done. All of these examinations may allow the vet to see the spleen and adjacent organs for abnormalities. 

Treatments for Enlarged Cat Spleen

cat spleen problemsThe treatment for enlarged spleen in cats will depend on curing the main condition, which is causing the causal inflammation.

Cat Spleen Removal

In instances of splenic trauma or torsion, the vet might need to get rid of all or part of the spleen of the cat.

This would be performed in the vet hospital under anesthesia. The vet makes a small incision in the abdomen of the cat. The entire spleen (or the affected portion) might be removed.


Corticosteroids may be prescribed by your veterinarian to reduce any inflammation on the spleen, as well as the other organs.

If the enlargement is due to a bacterial infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. Additionally, autoimmune main causes may be cured with immunosuppressants that work by suppressing the immune system’s reaction.

Cat spleen cancer will have other treatments, depending upon the stage, severity, and your budget for treatment.

Spleen Cat

For more information on cat spleen health and disease, see these resources:

What Plants Are Toxic To Cats? Poisonous Plants For Cats


What plants are toxic and harmful to cats?

Festive plants and live greenery add color and vibrancy to our homes. Some lucky folk even get wonderful flower arrangements given to them! Although beautiful, these decorations may actually be harmful to your cats.

What Plants Are Poisonous For Cats?

house plants poisonous to catsIt’s a bit of a given that cats will chew and rub up on plants. Because they love exploring and climbing, it can be difficult, or even impossible, to keep house plants out of reach of cats.

Also, if you let your cat go outside the house, it really is impossible to monitor what types of plants they may come in contact with. Every garden is likely to have at least one plant toxic to cats.

Plants harmful to cats


Here are the most commonly found plants, in and around the home, that are poisonous to cats (click to see images and more info on the specific plant’s effect on cats):

Sometimes, it may only be part of the plant that is poisonous, rather than the whole thing. For example, the tulip bulb is worse than the stem and flower. The marijuana bud is worse than the leaf.

However, as much as possible, you should try and keep entire plants that are harmful to cats away.

Symptoms of plant poisoning in cats

Many of these poisonous plants are irritants, especially for the gastrointestinal tract. The visible symptoms of this may be itchiness, redness around the face, as well as swelling of the mouth or skin.

Plants that are toxic to cats may cause inflammation of the stomach, mouth, and skin. Alternatively, the toxic plant may just affect a certain organ, like the kidney or the heart, for example.

Here are some of the symptoms relating to specific organ poisoning:

  • Heart: slow, fast, or irregular heartbeat
  • Kidneys: excessive urinating and drinking
  • Intestines: diarrhea and vomiting
  • Stomach: vomiting
  • Esophagus, throat, or mouth: difficulty swallowing and drooling
  • Airways: difficulty breathing

What to do if you suspect plant poisoning

plants poisonous to cats

What should you do if you think your cat is suffering from dangerous plants?

The first thing you could do if the symptoms are minor is to call the pet poison hotline – it’s always best if you have an idea as to which plant might have caused the reaction.

Alternatively, try and get your cat to the vet asap. If the problem is a result of plants that kill cats then you are going to need emergency treatment soon!

Vet care for cat plant poisoning



The best diagnosis is made through the identification of the plant.

Furthermore, the vet will give the cat a physical examination, and order tests if needed. This will help determine the overall health of the cat.


If the cat has already vomited, the vet might give it activated charcoal. This is essential in absorbing any kind of toxic substances, which might be in the gut.

The vet might also administer medication like sucralfate that is beneficial in protecting the damaged areas of the stomach.

House plants poisonous to cats

is mandevilla poisonous to catsIt’s best to keep house plants that are poisonous to cats our of the home – it’s not worth the risk. Outside the home, try and remove those plants that we know are most toxic to cats, such as lilies.

However, we can’t protect our cats from every danger (such as dangerous plants in neighboring gardens), so always keep an eye on your puss for unusual behavior and signs of distress

Cat Miscarriage: Here’s What You Need To Know

can cats have miscarriages

Can cats have miscarriages?

As with all animals, cat miscarriage is a possibility. It not highly common for cats to experience an abortion or miscarriage, but it may be due to a number of reasons.

It’s important for the cat to get evaluated promptly afterward, in order to make sure more serious causal health conditions don’t exist.

Cat Miscarriages

cat abortionA miscarriage in cats happens when there is either an unexplained or deliberate termination of pregnancy in the cat.

If initially unexplained, it can occur due to a variety of physical or hormonal reasons. As in humans, miscarriage can happen in the early stage of pregnancy, you might not notice any symptoms and the fetuses might be reabsorbed by the body of the cat.

In the later stages, the cat might miscarry and develop maternal behaviors and instincts –up to the development of milk and pacing or crying, looking for its kittens. If you happen to expect that the cat is miscarrying, it is best to seek immediate vet care.

Causes of miscarriage in cats

If your cat has had a miscarriage, you want to discover the cause. This is to rule out any potential infections or other conditions, which might also be lethal to the she-cat.

The common causes of miscarriage in cats:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Severe stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Inbreeding
  • Congenital defects
  • Exposure to various chemicals known to induce miscarriage or labor
  • Injury
  • Protozoal infections
  • A bacterial disease, just like chlamydia
  • Feline herpes virus
  • Feline leukemia virus
  • Infection

Symptoms of Cat Miscarriage

The symptoms of miscarriage in cats might be minor if the pregnancy is in its first few weeks. However, in the later stages, you may see some noticeable signs of miscarriage.

These might include the following:

  • Stillborn kittens
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Depression
  • Discomfort
  • Abdominal straining
  • The disappearance of fetuses formerly seen on ultrasound or felt through a palpation
  • Bloody discharge

Prognosis of Cat Miscarriage

The prognosis of miscarriage in cats may start with a complete physical exam.

If the cat has experienced a miscarriage at home, it’s to bring the cat fetus for the vet to examine them. The stillborn kittens might provide vital clues about the main cause of the miscarriage.

In the first visit, the vet might choose to do an x-ray or ultrasound to confirm if there are no retained fetuses. Anything remaining of the pregnancy should be removed from the cat’s womb to avoid any infection or possible death. These images may also exclude any injury to the internal organs of the cat.

You will need to provide a complete history of the pregnancy of the cat including the estimated date of the impregnation and information about the Tomcat. Anything else, such as the onset of symptoms and unusual behavior, such as diminished appetite, may also be helpful.

The vet may order a full blood test as well. This may help the vet to recognize the existence of any infection and provide insight into hormone levels. In the event that there are signs of an infection or cold, numerous smears from the ears, nose, and mouth must be taken as well – to potentially identify any upper respiratory or some other types of infection.

Additionally, a sample of its stool might be required as well, in order to test for any parasites.

Treatments for cat miscarriages

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The treatment will depend on what caused the miscarriage.

If there are baby kittens still inside the cat, the vet might administer medications that cause contractions to help to eliminate them. This may be conducted in the vet’s office and may prevent the cat from getting an infection.

In case of infection, the vet might choose to recommend broad-spectrum antibiotics awaiting the identification of the bacteria that causes the infection. If parasites caused the condition, the veterinarian may prescribe a proper de-wormer

If the miscarriage was the result of an injury, such as a fall or a catfight, the vet might prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or pain medication to help the cat to recover more promptly.

Lastly, in some cases, the vet might suggest spaying the cat to prevent any further pregnancies. This is important if the miscarriage is due to congenital defects, or hormonal abnormalities, which cannot be corrected easily in future pregnancies.


Swollen Paws In Cats: Essential Facts About It


What to do about a swollen cat paw?

Swollen paws in cats can be the result of an accident or a number of other issues, which can make diagnosis difficult. Thankfully, more often than not, the causes of swelling are curable.

Cats will often hide injuries like foot swelling, so if you catch your cat limping, or favoring one paw over another, you will need to investigate further to make sure it’s not more serious.

Swollen Paws in Cats

how to reduce swelling in a cat's paw

How can you know if your cat has a sore or swollen paw?

Sometimes it will be obvious – the paw may be visibly enlarged, the paw pads may be discolored with infection, or you might catch your cat limping.

Here are some of the other signs that your cat’s paw may have an infection, fungus, or injury:

  • excessive grooming of the paw
  • less activity to avoid using the injured paw
  • a bad or unusual smell
  • less interested in food

The other big sign that your cat has a paw problem is that she is unwilling to let you look at the paw, and doesn’t want you to investigate. However, if you are able to sit down with your cat and get her comfortable to have a good look, this is obviously advisable.

Why is my cat’s paw swollen?

The main reason for a swollen cat paw is infection. This might be from an unkempt toenail or, most often, a bite from another animal.

Depending on where you are in the world, any number of animals could have bitten your cat’s paw to bring on the infection. Another cat is the most likely culprit, but it may also have been a dog, a raccoon, a rat, an insect, or even been a snake.

Other causes of swelling in cat’s paws include:

Object penetration – Your cat may have something stuck inside its foot or paw. This could be a splinter of wood or glass, a thorn or prickle, or even something more benign.

Insect sting – The world is so full of dodgy insects, and depending on where you live, your cat might have been bitten by one. Bee stings are relatively common and can cause issues especially if the stinger remains in the foot.

Cuts – Your cat may have cut her paw pad while out on an adventure. This happens easily enough, and most often it will heal fine. However, problems arise if it becomes infected.

Break or sprain – A broken bone in the foot or leg, or even a sprain, will bring on swelling. More than some of the other causes, this will usually be obvious with a significant limp or desire not to move.

Claws – Your cat’s claws may be overgrown, ingrown, or even perhaps lost. Cats can lose claws in fights or more often when climbing trees and taking a fall. The resulting wound may become infected.

There are other more unusual and less common reasons for a sore cat paw. One example is a condition known as plasma cell pododermatitis. This is a relatively rare condition thought to be caused by a manic immune system, predominantly in the paws tissues.

What can I give my cat for a swollen paw?

What are the treatments for swollen cat paws?

The most important thing you can do is take your puss to the vet asap. It’s best not to leave a persistent problem to see if it will heal itself or come right. 

The treatment will then of course vary depending on the underlying cause. In the case of an infection, antibiotics are typically used, along with the cleaning and monitoring of the foot.

If the cause was something like an insect bite or sting, antihistamines and steroids may also be used.

If the cat has a sprained leg or foot, and there is suspicion of a break, your vet will take an x-ray. The treatments for a cat’s broken leg are more significant, and will likely require surgery.

Preventing problems with cat paws

what can i give my cat for a swollen pawThere are a few things you can do to prevent your cat from getting an infected paw or other foot problem.

  • keep their nails trimmed so that they don’t catch on something and get pulled away
  • have your cat spayed or neutered so as to reduce chances they will get in a fight with other cats
  • have regular yearly check-ups with your vet to ensure other possible causes are kept under control

The best thing you can do is to make sure you know your pussy, keep an eye on her so that if anything happens during the course of an ordinary day, you catch it quickly. Minor problems can become major problems if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Cat Warts: Do You Need To Worry About Cat Papilloma?

do cats get warts

Can cats get warts?

Yes, they can! Cat warts are fairly uncommon, but do crop up (literally) from time to time. They are often referred to as papillomas and manifest as a benign tumor that is found on the surface of the skin.

In this article, we will be discussing warts on cats, giving their causes, symptoms, prognosis, and treatment.

Cat Warts

can cats get warts

Cat warts are most often due to a virus called papillomavirus. It is often characterized by a small growth that is raised and wart-like, and which has an open pore in its central surface.

While warts are not generally life-threatening, it is important to have them examined by an expert. Sometimes, leaving the wart virus in cats untreated can lead to further complications. The tumors or growths may become cancerous over time.

The papillomas are most commonly found around the mouth, eyes, or nose. This is because of the increased humidity and probability of transmission of the viral cells in these areas.

In the following video, Dr. Karen Becker discusses warts in dogs, but the information and advice apply to cat warts as well.

Causes of cat warts

The papillomavirus is transmitted from another animal that has the virus to another. It can be transferred through the mouth when cats lick each other, or through insect bites, scrapes, and cuts. Catfights can also spread the virus.

There are reasons why one cat will pick it up over another, however. A weak or immature immune system may fail to fight off the virus, leading to warts. Younger or older cats can be more vulnerable to the disease.

If your pet is on immunosuppressant for allergies or other issues, this can also make them more susceptible to the wart virus. Vaccines can also cause a wart outbreak.

There can also be other reasons for feline warts. Some kinds of cancer may initially manifest as a wart virus in cats. Over a period of time, these tumors can spread and multiply, thus becoming life-threatening and cancerous lesions. 

Symptoms of warts on cats

Besides warts, there are some other symptoms that may come with the papillomavirus in cats.

Here they are:

  • Less appetite
  • Different colored bumps
  • Poor hygiene or grooming
  • Warts may become inflamed or infected
  • Warts might bleed

What to do about cat warts

If your cat’s behavior has changed significantly, make sure you take him to the vet for a check-up. The cat wart may need a biopsy to identify or eliminate the possibility of cancer.

However, many animals will naturally get over the virus on their own. Their immune system will overcome the virus, and they will get better over the course of a few months. If not, here are some of the treatments your vet may consider.

Treatments for feline warts

Here are some of the treatments your vet may consider for treating pussy warts. Most likely, your vet will only ‘do something’ if the warts are negatively affecting your cat’s wellbeing. 


There are different kinds of antiviral, anti-inflammatory, or antifungal medications, which the vet might prescribe. The medication your pet is given will depend on its breed, sex, age, and size.


In case the diagnosis of wart virus is benign, the vet might choose to freeze warts off the cat. Freezing these warts in different sensitive areas on the cat may help in alleviating the symptoms, like lethargy, the loss of appetite, or overall discomfort.

Surgical Removal

In some instances, your vet may surgically remove the wart on cat. This course of action is most likely if the wart is thought to be cancerous, or if it may not respond well to medication or freezing.

Cat papilloma

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your cat separate from other cats and dogs to prevent spreading the virus further
  • Most warts are non-cancerous and treatment is not always necessary
  • Warts are a good indication of an animals immune strength
  • Feed your cat the best food to help boost their immune system
  • If in doubt about a diagnosis, seek multiple vet’s opinions

The cat wart virus doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Monitor your puss, and she should come right fairly quickly. As we’ve mentioned, get help from a good vet when unsure or worried about anything.

Please leave any comments or questions down below!

7 Best Types Of Cat Art – Paintings, Photographs, Posters, & More

best cat art

Wanting a fresh piece of cat art for your home?

Many animals have inspired artists across the globe, but perhaps none more so than cats.

While some say that if you have a cat in your home, you don’t need cat art, we have to disagree! There is room in every home for a wonderful painting or poster, no matter how many cats you have.

Different Cat Art

The fun and mysterious nature of cats has attracted artists of all sorts to capture and portray their essence on canvas, sculpture, or the visual arts. Cats are such a part of our lives that we can find them throughout pop culture, from Garfield to FRIENDS’ Smelly Cat.

So, if you love cats (or have a friend who loves pussy cats), get some cat art!

Here are some different types of art depicting cats that you will find. While original paintings can be costly, prints can be picked up and framed relatively cheaply, making them a great gift for cat lovers.

Cat paintings

cat pixel art
Source: Intellectual Cat

Paintings are one form of cat art you can purchase. We recommended checking out sites like Saatchi Art which sell original art pieces (not prints!) which depict cats.

Original artwork doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can pick up a piece for under $500 if the artist is relatively unknown, and it can still be a fantastic painting.

Many famous artists have also painted cats down through the ages: Andy Warhol, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso – they all included cats in the work at one point or another. See these top 10 pieces of art which include cats for examples!

Inspiring cat photos

fine cat photography
Source: Cat and Pears

Photography is another form of artwork that can most realistically capture cats, and thankfully, many cats are photogenic.

A photographic print of a cat in a frame can look truly stunning – even if it’s not your cat. Who wouldn’t want a framed version of the image above, for example?

A cat can be depicted in many ways in a photo:  inspirational, whimsical, colorful, or moody in black and white. Visit ‘I am the cat photographer‘ to see the work of someone who totally focuses on cat photography. Browse the online galleries to see pics of kittens, macro shots, client work, and even rescue cat shots.

Cat inspired fine prints

grumpy cat print fine art
Source: Grumpy Cat

If an original art piece is not in the budget, a print is almost as good!

Prints of cat artwork can also be framed and hung in the house to great effect. These can be a lot cheaper and much more affordable. There are also endless options when it comes to buying prints – you can even get your very own Grumpy Cat painting!

Fine Art America has a ton of cat prints on offer. These are both prints of cat photography and paintings. If you prefer depictions of specific breeds of cat, you will find them there!

Cat posters

cheshire cat poster
Source: Alice & The Cheshire Cat

Another cool and unique form of art you can place in your home is posters!

Posters may be sometimes looked down upon, but they ought not to be! They can be really cool, and visitors to your home are bound to love them. The Alice in Wonderland poster with the Cheshire Cat featured above, is a fine example.

Where can you find cool cat posters? Head on over to Etsy to see a range of hilarious, serious, complicated, and/or slightly rude cat posters that you can purchase.

Cat sculptures

fine cat sculptures
Source: Boy With Cat

Sculptures are, of course, another form of art which often depict cats.

You may not have $25,000 for the sculpture featured above, but there are a ton of much cheaper options available.

Amazon has a range of cat sculptures, ornaments, and statues for both indoor and outdoor use. Cat people really love this sort of thing – I know people whose homes are full of cat ornaments (though maybe it’s just because everybody gives them this sort of thing as gifts?).

Cat Tattoos

best pussy tattoo
Source: @thecat_diego

Cat tattoos are the final form of cat depicting artwork we’re sharing in this post.

This is perhaps a little unusual and unexpected, but tattoo artists are also incredibly talented. This is the artwork for the truly cat obsessed!

Check out the examples of pussy tattoos here, and you will see some marvelous works of art.

Best Cat Art

So you see, there are so many options when looking for something ‘catty’ to hang or place in your home (or body)!

Whatever breed of cat you love, in whatever pose or cat posture you want, you are sure to find it out there!

These types of things make the best birthday presents or Christmas gifts for cat lovers, so if you know someone, definitely consider getting them something awesome like a great piece of cat artwork – alternatively, grab them a cat calendar! 😂

28 Best Cat Tattoo Ideas For Pussy Lovers!

best cat tattoo ideas

A cat tattoo: you love cats, you love tattoos… it’s only right to mix the two!

From cat whiskers tattoos to realistic cat tattoos, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered (whether full or partial sleeve)!

We’ve rounded up this selection from good old Instagram, so be sure to click through to see who the artist is, and find out more of the story behind the cat ink!

Cat Tattoo Ideas

Let’s get into them… and make sure you drop a link in the comment section at the end if you find any more you think we should include!


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A post shared by Cat Tattoos (@kittytattoos) on

This portrait of these two beautiful Sphynx cats is great, isn’t it? They’re so real looking I feel like I know them!


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A post shared by Diego (@thecat_diego) on

A black cat tattoo – it looks just like the puss, doesn’t it!?


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A post shared by Get Inspawred (@pawstattoos) on

From a highly detailed and realistic tattoo to this very simple but nonetheless cool cat tat! It’s super effective having the two different colors as well.


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A post shared by Patrycja Höller (@witaminat) on

Another basic, two-color, pussy tattoo. This one is a bit happier with a big smile on its dial!


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A post shared by (@bcgl_tattoo) on

Who likes sophisticated, unique tattoos? I think this is pretty cool! This tat goes across both legs and joins in the middle.


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A post shared by Rhi Hustwayte (@rhihusty) on

This colorful cat tattoo is an image from the movie Aristocats. It’s a great idea to find a pic you love and use that for your ink.


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A post shared by Cat Tattoos (@kittytattoos) on

Here are two fun space cat tattoos! This Insta Account only features cat tattoos sent in by followers. They always credit the artists as well, so it’s a great spot to find more ideas and to see if there is anyone doing this type of work in your area.


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I just this these space kitty tats are great. The artist who did this work is Patakota!


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A fun cat ankle tattoo idea. What do you think ‘don’t touch’ is all about?


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A post shared by Cat Tattoos (@kittytattoos) on

Love this realistic cat tattoo – those green eyes! Creating a cat memorial tat is a great way to always remember your furry friend when she has passed on.


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A post shared by Cat Tattoos (@kittytattoos) on

Another idea for how to remember your cat when she has gone. Create an adorable memorial on your body. This one is great with the extra elements.


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A post shared by Cat Tattoos (@kittytattoos) on

Beautiful cat tattoo artwork. Such skill and talent go into these pieces which you can keep with you forever.


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A post shared by Jamie Cary (@tattoosbyjamiecary) on

For those wanting something a little less realistic, check out this option. It’s another great style for you to choose from – a geometric cat tattoo!


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A post shared by Tom O’Connell (@paddy026) on

For all you cat conspiracy theorists out there, here is the tattoo for you! This cat knows more about the intricate workings of the deep state and alien life than you could ever imagine.


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Wow. Did someone say they wanted ultra-realistic cat drawings on their body…


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A post shared by Matty G (@_mattygee) on

Is a tiger a cat…? We think so!


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A post shared by 1BlondYogi (@1blondyogi) on

This is a minimalistic, slightly abstract cat tattoo for those who like to be a little different and more complex!


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A post shared by Gab Yunis (@gabyunis) on

This poor sausage had lost his eye! Hope he didn’t have an infection. Either way, you want to remember your puss the way it was!


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This is a cool idea. The cat is emerging from a black background!


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Love this tribal cats tattoo! This is for those who love the more historic look.


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A post shared by Cory Cartwright Tattoo (@corycartwright) on

This vibrant Japanese cat tat just jumps off the body, doesn’t it!? I love all the magnificent colors.


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A delicate cat picture on the wrist for the dainty customer. This tattoo artist is known for her beautiful intricate designs and often features cats in her art.


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A cat tattoo based on the TV show FRIENDS. The cute idea in freehand style looks great, and perfect for the woman who loves cats!


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Do you love cats enough to get this sweet pussy tattoo? Look at the cute little thing sitting at the table! Such a detailed piece!


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And last but not least, one of my favorites… a CatDog tattoo!

I hope most of you know who CatDog is, but for those who don’t, let’s say he’s just a feline canine little CatDog (CatDog, CatDog, alone in the world is a little CatDog)!

Pussy Cat Tattoo

That’s the end of our cattoo round-up, but there are so many more great cat tattoo designs out there. The great thing about Insta is that you can see the finished results on people, rather than looking at images on sheets of paper!

The best hashtags on Instagram for finding cat tats:

Get your lucky cat tattoo today!

Is Your Cat Stressed? See These Signs, Symptoms, & Cures!

stress in cats

What should you do about stress in cats?

Our cats do a lot to help our stress levels, so it is very important to remember that they can also get stressed and to help them when they need it.

The odd stressful situation may be good at keeping a cat stimulated and engaged – it’s a natural part of being a cat. Can a cat really say it has lived if it hasn’t been chased once or twice by a big dog?

The outside world is full of stressful triggers that can be very healthy. However, chronic stress in cats may have serious negative consequences.

Stressed Cats

How do you know if your cat is too stressed, or even chronically stressed?

There are indications of chronic stress that we need to look out for in our pets. These are things like changes in appetite or sleeping patterns. It may also include withdrawal from social environments, hiding from people, or a sudden drop in energy.

Signs of cat stress

Other serious signs of stress in cats include:

  • diarrhea and vomiting
  • poor fur health caused by excessive grooming
  • runny nose and eyes
  • fast weight gain or weight loss
  • eating inedible items like fabrics
  • excessive meowing
  • becomes aggressive and violent

If you see a lot of these symptoms, it may also be wise to check with your vet to rule out more serious medical issues. There are other reasons for runny cat eyes beyond stress, for example.

Also remember that a chronically stressed-out cat can develop other illnesses, sickness, or disease as a direct result of stress (just like humans). Cystitis in cats is one possible complication.

Causes of stress in cats

can cats get sick from stress

You will already be aware of come causes of stress in cats. Fireworks and cats are not the best mixture, for example. Stress can be one of the effects of rehoming a cat as well.

Here are some other common causes of anxiety in cats:

  • No available quiet & secluded space
  • Loud music
  • Maintenance/construction in the home
  • Odd animals outside the home
  • New people in the house
  • Traveling outside the house
  • Unclean litter box
  • Changes in the litter or food brand

Every cat will become stressed and show stress differently, and for some, it may also be difficult to recognize. You should naturally notice a change in cat behaviour, or even your cat’s body language, and investigate.

Build up of stress may happen gradually so that you don’t pick up on it, so every once in a while it’s good to stop and consciously think about the health of our pets. It’s easy just to go through life passively without thinking until something massive changes!

What to do about a stressed and anxious cat

If you notice any of the signs of major stress in your pussy, consult your vet.

As already mentioned, this is to make sure that there are no major health concerns. Once you get the all-clear, it’s time to look for some ways to help your cat and alleviate its stress.

Firstly, if there is a single obvious problem, you need to resolve that. Have you gone away on holiday for 2 weeks and left a house sitter looking after your cat? Hopefully, things get better upon your return.

Did you forget to change the litter box for a month? Change the litter box!

Here are some other ideas for alleviating cat stress:

  1. Use interactive toys – playful cats may be less likely to experience stress
  2. Play with your cat regularly – make time to pet and play with your puss
  3. Keep the noise down – avoid playing loud music around your cat
  4. Provide escape – let your cat go to a room it feels safe when visitors are around
  5. Keep litter boxes clean – good for the health of your home too
  6. Slowly initiate changes – cats are pets of habit, so even small change may affect them drastically

You might also want to investigate CBD for anxious cats. Make sure you read up on the pros and cons of CDB oil for cats before you go down this road, but it is another option!

Although there are a lot of things you can do at home to help manage and reduce stress in your cat, don’t hesitate to take her to the vet for a good check-up as well.

Pet behavior advice

is my cat stressed quiz

If you can’t work out why your cat is stress, you could also consult a cat behavior specialist. He or she will be able to provide more detailed advice specifically catered to you and your cat’s situation.

Professional behavior specialists may only work with you if you’re referred to them by your own vet, so speak to your vet first.

A pet behavior specialist can be quite expensive, so it really is a last resort. Keep reading all that you can online, and watching tons of videos about cat stress, and you should be able to sort it out!

How to have a happy cat

We all want our cats to be happy and healthy, so now that you are aware of the different signs of stress in cats, you can monitor things effectively.

Spend lots of time with your cat (if she likes that!), make sure you acknowledge her often, feed her good food, and provide all those other essentials your cat needs.

Thanks for visiting us here at Meow Lovers, and be sure to leave a note down below if you have any comments or questions!

Cat Body Language Guide

cat body language chart

What can we learn from cat body language?

As with people, a cat’s body language can tell us so much about how the cat is feeling. They even have an extra ‘tell’ in their tail. Even if you can’t see the body of a cat, sometimes the tail is a dead give-away!

There are a ton of great infographics, pictures, illustrations, and other diagrams that can help us to identify what a cat’s posture is telling us. We’ve rounded them up for you to take a look at here!

Cat Postures Guide

Here are all the best cat body language charts that we’ve found.

We’ve linked to the original source of each image, so click through to find out more!

Cat Tail Language

We can learn so much by looking at a cat’s tail, so we’ll start with that first.

Here are all the different cat tail meanings!

what does a cats tail mean

We found this helpful diagram of cat tail meanings over on Musely.

When you look at each of these illustrations, can’t you just imagine your puss speaking to you through their tail!?

This next guide to what a cat’s tail is telling you is from Taste Of The Wild cat food!

It has a few more cat tail mannerisms than the previous image, and even has the rare ‘cat tail vibrating’ posture!

Now that we’ve got tails covered, let’s consider and learn to interpret the language of the entire cat body!

Cat Ears Meanings

what do a cats ears and tail mean

From Tuff & Paw’s helpful cat behavior and body language guide, comes this illustration of what cat’s ears and eyes mean!

The meanings of the ears are similar to dogs as well, aren’t they!?

Cat Body Language Meanings

cat tail vibrating

From Lili Chin at Doggie Drawings this cute illustration has really covered the whole lot, hasn’t it!?

cat body language ears

Here is another great guide to how a cat is feeling from Pretty Litter. Love the ‘let’s play, good to see you’ pose on display!

the meaning of different cat postures

From Safer Cats, here is another fantastic diagram that will tell you what your cat wants by its body language!

My cat is an expert at the  ‘What’s happening here? All good?’ body posture!

guide to cats mood

And for those who just don’t know what their cat is saying to them and have given up trying, you will appreciate this infographic of cat moods from Kitten Toob!

Your cat is a master of mood disguise, and goodness knows what she is plotting to do when you fall asleep!

Feline Body Language

So there you have it – everything you need to know about feline body language!

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