5 awesome cat cafes for the cat lovers


From New York to Melbourne, London to Paris, cat cafes are mushrooming at a rapid pace. The delightful cafes are full of furry cats, cakes, coffees and cuddles. Cat cafes were created to let the car lovers enjoy those playing sessions. They could cuddle the cats, play with them and enjoy every bit of the companionship. Those who do not have sufficient time to bring up the cats, feed them or stay for 24 hours, they can look forward to visiting the cat cafes. Spend some dollars and enjoy the company of cats, coffee and delicious snacks. It is real joy to have a cat on your lap and coffee mug on hand. Cat cafes bring the very idea of ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ in this 21st century era with their architecturally designed premises, catering to the requirements of residential felines. There are some awesome cat cafes that are worth noting.

5 awesome cat cafes for the cat loversLady Dinah Cat Emporium in London

Lady Dinah Cat Emporium is very delightful café and gives the cat lovers a unique experience. Besides playing with the cats, the visitor gets the opportunity to dine on English high tea. This was the very first cat café in the entire England and is named after the cat of Alice in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Overflowing with the most lavish furniture, highly pampered pussy cats, Lady Dinah is the pioneering cat café. All the stressed out Londoners can look forward to this café. They can unwind, relax and de-stress after a hectic schedule in the office.

Cat Café Calico: the most popular cat café in Japan

It is recently being estimated that Tokyo has around 100 cat cafes and Cat Café Calico is the best among them. Cat Café Calico is located centrally in Shinjuku which is the bustling district. Here you enjoy great shopping experience and a superb nightlife. Its chief attraction is feline creatures that are found in plenty. Having around 50 cats, you are sure to find at least one, all 24 hours. If you wish to impress the cat, you have the option of buying a packet of cat food.

KitTea in San Francisco: the first cat cafes in the entire San Francisco

If you are looking for the first class cat café, opt for KitTea in San Francisco. The beautifully designed space gives the cats enough space to roam and move around. It is also an adoption center from where you may adopt a cat.

5 awesome cat cafes for the cat lovers

Cat Café Melbourne in Melbourne

Cat Café Melbourne was the first ever cat café in the entire Australia. Situated in the bluestone heritage-listed building, there is enough arrangement to keep the feline creatures entertained. Drinks and light snacks are also available but food for cats is separate.

The Cat Lounge in Auckland

Auckland is pretty late when it comes to the establishment of cat cafes. Located in New Zealand, the Cat Lounge was the most anticipated café opening. There is separate area for those who want to play with cats and those who wish to eat.

When you visit the cat café, you should know the various etiquettes. You need to book the café much in advance.


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