28 Wonderful Cat Tattoos for the cat lovers


When you are on the verge of the obsession, you will do something too unique. The list below will showcase some of the classiest tattoos that will be fit for the cat lovers.

1.    Little hidden treasure

These types of tattoos will let you understand how precisely you can embrace the cuteness of your pet.

28 Wonderful Cat Tattoos for the cat lovers2.    finger tattoo

Any girl will love to create an ink-link with cat’s paws or with cat’s eyes on their bare fingers.

3.    Simple cat line drawing

Don’t show elaborately but try to imitate the outline of your favorite pet with some simple lines.

4.    Beautifully ornate cat

You will certainly adore the cat tattoo if you are a cat lover.

5.    Sweet cat token

Cat token tattoo will really convey a great deal of cuteness for you.

6.    Royal beauty

The color tone and the stature of the tattoo will be great for you once it will be created on your body.

7.    Floral feline

This is a mixture of intricate design and appealing factors.

8.    Soft silhouette

The name itself proclaims how tender and appealing the tattoo is.

9.    Geometric pet portrait

This tattoo is exclusive and smart.

10.    Sleepy cat bundle

A cat in a sleepy mode on the shoulder will look beautiful.

11.    Top-secret cat huddle

From the name itself, a tattoo addict can foresee how the cats and the secrets will be merged together through it

12.    Beautiful pastel cat

When a motif of pastel color will be on your body with a tattoo design it will be great to embrace them.

13.    Princess Leia cat

Oh! Yes. This fashionable and trendy tattoo is too unique for you.

14.    Adorable Lucky Cat

Show your deep love for your feline by having this tattoo.

15.    Abstract kitty

The abstract tattoo on your body is just fabulous.

16.    Beautifully intricate cat couple

It is a sign of love and adoration to enhance the feeling you possess for your feline.

17.    Incredibly cute cat couple

A loveable image of cat couples will be alluring part of your tattoo art.

18.    Stunning cat-profile portrait

Just reflect your cat’s image on your body to have a loveable feeling about your feline.

19.    Little meow script

Just to do a script of “Meow” on your body to do something unique.

20.    Cats-and-roses tattoo

When cats and roses will be associated, tattoos will be a great part to have on your back or on thighs.

21.    Amazingly fierce cat

These tattoos are for the bold personalities to show fierce side of your feline.

22.    Kitties with bright eyes

You can fix their bright eyes on your body as tattoos.

28 Wonderful Cat Tattoos for the cat lovers

23.    Precious trail of paw prints

It will be great idea to have lines of paw prints on your body.

24.    Heart-shaped lil’ cats

Just imagine how it will look like when a cat will be crafted in a heart shaped tattoo.

25.    Beautifully abstract kitty

Tattoos of Abstract kittens are just stunning if you engrave them on your shoulder.

26.    Chubby lil’ Pusheen

You definitely can have Pusheen as a form of ink-link.

27.    Adorable cat portrait

You can have a cat portrait that resembles with your own feline.

28.    Subtle little whiskers

What attracts you the most to your little kitty? At times it is their whiskers. So just have them on your body as a form of tattoo.


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