Things that are common in all cat loving women


Among the various types of animals, which share this beautiful planet with the humans, cats are the ones which have been domesticated for the longest period of time. The mention of cats has been seen in ancient Greek and Egyptian texts. They have been kept as pets and have also been feared and worshipped as gods.

28 things those are common in all cat loving womenIt has been seen that women feel attracted towards keeping cats vs. pets. This is mainly because of the fact that both women and cats have demure nature. They love to be admired and pampered. To some extent, both are a bit lazy. If you want to know whether you are a cat person or not, read the following points to be sure:

1.    You may forget to buy toilet paper but you will never forget to stock up on lint rollers.

2.    You will try to avoid clothes of some colours, which will make the cat fur visible.

3.    The company of a cute cat in bed is an absolute necessary while sleeping.

4.    You will try to make space for the cat to sleep comfortably even if it means compromising on your space.

5.    You give more importance to cleaning litter boxes than having breakfast.

6.    You feel that people who cut off the claws of the cats are very cruel.

7.    You try to find out whether a person is considerable for a relationship or not based on the love that they have for cats.

8.    Whenever you think of adding a new snap on the social networking pages, you always upload the images of your cat.

9.    You try to give you a representation to your pet cat on the social media circuits.

10.    You may opt for missing out on the appointments with near and dear ones for spending time with your kitten.

11.    You will buy any piece of cloth which has a print of cat paw on it.

12.    You do not throw away any delivery box, anticipating that your cat might love it.

13.    You invest more time on selecting a Christmas gift for the cat than for your friends and family.

14.    Your cat has more dresses than the family members.

15.    You will wish to get the names of all cats tattooed on your body.

16.    You can postpone your sleep time or call of nature but you cannot put your cat down from the lap.

17.    You keep away from inviting those guests whom, your cats don’t like.

18.    You keep the cat fur to make toys with them.

28 things those are common in all cat loving women

19.    Most of the pictures that you take are of cats.

20.    You purchase more amounts of cat food that food for the family.

21.    You seem to have a likeness for cats more than that of people.

22.    Searching for cats for adoption is a better idea as time passes for you.

23.    You will always prefer to put up a sticker that features cats, on the back window of the car.

24.    You purchase a stroller for the cat and not for the baby.

25.    You groom your cat more than yourself.

26.    All the electronic devices have covers, with the images of the cats.

27.    Taking selfies of the cats are a must for you.

28.    If your bed is covered with cats then you choose to sleep on the couch.

If you see these traits in you then be sure that you are a big fan of cats and all these traits are common among women who prefer felines for sure.


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