10 Important facts that cat lovers must understand


Cats are feline creatures loved by pet owners so much. They inspire innumerable internet memes in this digital era. If you are a cat owner you need to learn certain facts. Such facts are interesting and deal with the qualities of the creature.

Cats are loners

10 Important facts that cat lovers must understand Cats like to stay alone and do not want to mingle. If you want to bring another cat, do it slowly because cats do not like to share their things. Cats do take a lot of time to accept other cat in the home. The older the cat, the more lonely it will be. An old cat will start to over-eat the food since it knows that food needs to be shared. You should not keep the new cat in the territory of the old since the old one will feel insecure about food.

Younger cats can stay with dogs

The two furry creatures, dogs and cats, cannot stay together and this is the belief. But, as per the recent study, cats and dogs can stay together if they are young and tender. When both species are under six months, they can stay together. Clash may be depicted in the form of communication breakdown.

Over 54% of the cats are obese

It is not only humans who are fat but also cats are obese. 54% of the cats are overweight as per the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). If your cat is 10 pounds, it needs 180-200 calories every day.

Cats are not as smart as the dogs

Although cats have dignified carriage, they are not as smart as dogs. Dogs have better brains and the growth of their brain takes place at a better pace. Besides this, dogs are more useful than cats. Dogs may sniff drugs, rescue the lost hiker and diagnose cancer.

Cats are cleverer than dogs

Although dogs have an active social life but wild cats have more intelligence. They can be wilier than expected.

Cats have better muscle memory

Cats can remember about the obstacles in the environment for about 10 minutes. When compared to the visual memory, the cats have better muscle memory. The cats that saw hurdles got distracted from crossing it but later on forgot that for few seconds.

Cats do control your brains

Cats are in charge of your brains. Cats are perfect at making that purr-cry when they want some food. The owners can’t help but give that food as the purr-cry is pretty unpleasant.

10 Important facts that cat lovers must understand

Cats can suitably drink seawater

Cats have kidneys that can suitably filter out the salt content from water and use that water for hydrating the body. Humans do not have such kidney.

Can the cats taste sweet things?

There is mutation in taste receptor of cats which prevent them from tasting something sweet. Cats do not know the joy of consuming sweet dish and cup cakes.

Cats sleep too much!

Although it is only kitchen that need to sleep too much but grown up cats also sleep a lot. No hormone is released when the cat sleeps but they can snooze all day long.

So, next time you plan to own a cat, check out the above interesting facts about cat.


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