10 fanatical places for the cat lovers


Are you too much obsessed by the cat videos and memes? It is time to get down to the ground and visit some real places to enjoy the company of feline creatures.

Cat cafes in Japan to enjoy the cat’s company

Japan features cramped spaces but that does not stop the cat lovers from seeking the company of furry creature, cat. If you constantly do ‘hello kitty figurine’, it is time to check out Cat Café. Just for some fee, you will enjoy the caffeine-n-cat-fix. You get to ogle, romp and cuddle various species of cats. Cat cafes are incredibly popular in Japan.

10 fanatical places for the cat loversThe very famous Cat Boat, Amsterdam

The Cat Boat in Amsterdam offers you real joy as the rare cat moves onto the boat for money, honey and love. Amsterdam is the home to Cat Boat, Peozenboot, implying a floating boat which provides shelter to hundreds of abandoned and stray cats. The Poezenboot is docked along Singel and invites all those who love to hear the cat meowing. When you are into the town, catch up Katten Kabinet housing a huge collection of artwork revolving around the cat. Apart from Sundays and Wednesdays, you can visit the Cat Boat.

Ernest Hemingway’s cats in the Key West, USA

Ernest Hemingway was too much obsessed with kittens and addressed them as ‘love sponges’. At Ernest Hemingway’s Cats, you can find dozens of snowballs descendants. The best part is that each cat has some distinct name like Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Tailor.

Cobblestone Cats, Montenegro

In the glamorous destination of the Mediterranean, Montenegro is gaining too much reputation. Kotor in Montenegro is the real stamping ground for innumerable kitties that seem to pose like photogenic on you visit. Cats here become the very symbol of Kotor as they are ubiquitous. You can reach Kotor easily from Podgorica after taking a day trip.

Cat City in Borneo

Kuching in Malay itself means ‘cat’s city’. The cleanest city of Malaysia, Kuching is actually named after the local fruit implying the ‘cat’s eye’. You will find Kuching landscape dotted by huge statues of cats. Cat Museum is very famous here and harbors 2000 cats’ artifacts. You will also find mummified cats.

Average Joe Show in Arlington, Washington

The Average Joe Cat show celebrates middling moggies. The annual event takes place in Arlington and pays homage to Most Obnoxious, Impressive Ear Hair and the Biggest Feet. The stress-free show attracts cat fanciers from all around.

Moggie Mecca in Egypt

Egypt acts as the ground zero for the cat lovers. Moggie Mecca is the ground harboring car sphinx, cat mummies. Today you can find the scruffy scions roaming hectic Cairo streets.

10 fanatical places for the cat lovers

Burmese Cats in Myanmar

The cultural center, the Burmese Cats reintroduces the coveted cats to the visitors. It is open to visitors who wish to cuddle the cats. You can also check the cats enjoying rice dinners.

Cat Island, Japan

Visit Japan’s Tashirojima to enjoy cat’s company. You find cat shape monuments and buildings.

Puss Patrol in Hermitage, Russia

Puss Patrol is the home to Russia’s most opulent museum and may be found in the dim and dusty corner. More than 50 cats make up for the feline corps.

Above are some cat-centric itineraries that cannot be avoided by any of the cat owners. You will like to tour the ten fanatical places.


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